Space Janitor 065

Space Janitor (065) saw Shep’s eyes shoot open, alive after all. Shep yelped, rolled off the shelves. Space Janitor released the grip from the lever. The freezing cold of their surroundings pounced on both of them. Space Janitor felt like tiny ice mites were scrambling to penetrate his jumpsuit. He wriggled and jiggled to cast off the imaginary beings.

Space Janitor crouch walked to Shep’s side.

“You’re alive,” said Space Janitor with a combination of surprise and joy. Shep’s eyes flickered to find focus. They widened when they registered Space Janitor.

“I’m alive? More like you’re alive. You were gunk drunk last I saw of you.” said Shep. His voice was soft and low, but somewhere inside him, there was a fire growing larger.

“No, I managed to get my Spenglactic working. It was working the whole time. It just didn’t want to.” said Space Janitor.

“If, if we get out of here, you might need to short its personality,” Shep said.

“Watch it there, Bub,” said Spenglactic. “It was me what got you wokened up an all.”

“Well, we’ll have to see about that,” said Shep.

“Oh, we will,” said Spenglactic. “We’re not out of this yet, and you know what, maybe when it comes down to it my batteries are running low. Might need to store power if you get what I’m saying. You got to ask yourself, how’s your battery life.”

“Let’s not argue,” Space Janitor interrupted. “We all, still exist, and for the most part, are conscious. Let’s figure out how to get out of here. Shep, can you walk?” asked Space Janitor.

“I’m a little stiff,” said Shep.

“In this temperature, a little is a lot,” said Spenglactic. Neither of the mutts responded. To be fair to them, his delivery was off.

“Can I help you up?” Space Janitor asked.

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Space Janitor 065 Space Janitor 065

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