Space Janitor 061

Space Janitor (061) couldn’t make out any signs of life. While Shep had not been in here long, there were already signs of the freeze on him.

Space Janitor gave Shep a nudge. Shep was an icicle. Space Janitor shook harder, nothing.

Space Janitor became impatient and frustrated. He shook him harder. Frost was shaken loose.

“Shep, Shep, wake up!” said Space Janitor. Space Janitor grabbed him by the scruff and was shaking him violently now. Shep flopped in Space Janitor’s grip. There was a belief in him there was a way for him to shake off the death grip. Space Janitor wondered was it possible for him to even get out of here alone, alive. Would it be better for him to curl up beside him and let the cold take him? Space Janitor laughed at the thought that if it weren’t going to be the gunk, then it would be the cold. No matter how you looked at it existence seemed to be more of choosing what will come and kill you in the end. That which does not kill me will eventually kill me, Space Janitor thought to himself.

The cold was giving Space Janitor a headache. The Speglactic was becoming heavier on his back.

“Spenglactic are you still working?” Space Janitor asked faintly. As he spoke, Space Janitor could see his breath sublime from hot ait into solid ice against the shelves. A shiver emanated from deep inside Space Janitor. A tremor felt like an earthquake he was so weak.

“I’m working, although not for long at this temp. Where are we anyway? Your kind doesn’t hibernate.”

“I’m standing over Shep, we’re in a nook within a larger food storage vault. How do we wake him up?”

Would you mind reading from the beginning because it’s a fantastic place to start. You can find the first instalment of Space Janitor by clicking here.

Space Janitor 061 Space Janitor 061

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