Space Janitor 060

Space Janitor (060) realised that it went far deeper than he realised.

The footprints went on deeper and deeper. Space Janitor was thankful for the light that gave his eyes some form of respite from the darkness.

As Space Janitor walked, he could see that there were shelves and shelves of all different food types. Veichels and moving mechs were abandoned. Space Janitor wondered if they would still work. He kept an eye out for any kind of overall. Space Janitor’s breath became a thick fog on every exhale.

Space Janitors joints became stiff, and he slowed right down. Eyelids heavy, desire for sleep crept upon him.

“What’s going on, buddy?” Spenglactic chimed in.

“It’s so cold” replied Space Janitor, he felt himself trip.

“Use me to provide you with some warmth at least. I don’t want to get stuck in somewhere like here. Where are we anyway?” asked Spenglactic.

“It’s some kind of freezer, I think. There’s a lot of food and shelf space. The footprints go off to the side.”

“Are you still looking for that mutt? You’re not going to find him,” said Spenglactic. Space Janitor was not ready to admit he was right. Not yet, at least.

Space Janitor ventured down an aisle. Following the footprints, he thought to himself. Space Janitor may have been following someone else’s prints. If he had, it would definitely spell his demise. Space Janitor shuddered.

There is one of the shelves Space Janitor could make out the distinct shape of a pack. Shep would have to be close by in that case, wouldn’t he?

Space Janitor got to the pack and looked around. There was a big pile of boxes forming something resembling an igloo. Space Janitor pulled away at the containers revealing Shep. Shep lay still.

Was Shep dead?

Would you mind reading from the beginning because it’s a fantastic place to start. You can find the first instalment of Space Janitor by clicking here.

Space Janitor 060 Space Janitor 060


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