Space Janitor 058

“There’s a small chance that it might be something,” said Space Janitor (058).

“Well, tell me, and I’ll give you a calculation,” Spenglactic chirped.

“Let me follow it. Somehow it feels as if your calculations may be designed to dissuade me.”

“Who me, never,” said Spenglactic.

What Space Janitor saw represented the briefest glimmer of hope to him. It was a trail of gunk. Too thin to warrant any of its own consciousness. Space Janitor wanted to find out where it led as the hope of him finding anything of use in this main hall were slim.

Space Janitor could feel a presence build behind him. The soft lapping and sucking of the gunk were transforming. It was becoming louder. More prominent in the background. Space Janitor followed the trail, leading to a small alcove. The alcove seemed to be a path. It would be a tight squeeze even for the diminutive stature of someone like Space Janitor. There was a path for him to go down. Space Janitor stood at the entrance.

What if the gunk was way smarter than him, and this was another layer of deception? Was Space Janitor so tasty that it would concoct a ruse of such depth?

The sound of the gunk behind him was getting louder still. Space Janitor turned to look. While he couldn’t make out the detail, what was becoming evident was the size. It towered above him, several levels. It almost cracked the ceiling. A disgusting cathedral. Only cathedrals remained stationary. This did not. It writhed and wriggled. A large tentacle. Like a cathedral, it held tables, chairs and people. Unlike a temple, it kept them in stasis various degrees of digestion. Slow bubbles peeling away at the layers of those within.

Space Janitor wondered should he try and take it on?

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Space Janitor 058 Space Janitor 058

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