Space Janitor 056

“We’re going to help Shep deal with this” replied Space Janitor (056).

There was a sense of trepidation in his voice. Would they be able to deal with this, he thought to himself. What if this could not be dealt with? Space Janitor would fail in his mission and let down those who deemed him worthy enough to exist. Worse, he would fail Shep who so far was the only one to spare Space Janitor some kindness.

This would mark the beginning of him having to prove his worth to Shep. In many ways his own fraternity of pooches. While his interactions had been limited, he knew he didn’t want to let the side down.

Space Janitor made his way to what resembled a stairway that would lead him to the higher levels. He wanted to be reunited with Shep. While the Spenglactic provided detail to get him through, there was something else. A mechanism of thought in Space Janitor’s head that told him not to trust the Spenglactic.

The slithering and sloshing of the gunk could be heard all around him, his heart sank a little further. Ahead of him, he could make out some kind of movement. There was no blasting, there was no sound. Was Shep up ahead or was Space Janitor walking into a trap?

Space Janitor crept forward.

“What’s going on? Are you dead yet?” the Spenglactic chirped in.

“No, keep it down. I don’t know what we’re walking into yet,” said Space Janitor.

“What’s happening, what do you see?” asked Spenglactic.

“There’s no sign of Shep.” Space Janitor said.

“He’s dead,” said Spenglactic.

“No, he’s not. He wouldn’t go out like that, I’d know for sure. There would be some sign.”

“Are you sure about that? I mean, what would the sign be?”

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Space Janitor 056 Space Janitor 056

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