Space Janitor 052

“I understand what you are saying well,” Space Janitor (052) responded.

“Then what’s the problem?” asked the Spenglactic. Space Janitor was puzzled by how it came to be that Spenglactic was not able to see the issues he was having. Being eaten being Space Janitor’s concern.

“We’re about to be absorbed by whatever that is coming towards us,” Space Janitor said back.

“Trust me when I tell you that I am very much indigestible. Don’t worry about my safety. Let me save you some time. You don’t have to. I appreciate the concern, but really I’ll be fine.”

The gunk slithered towards them. In the distance, there was the occasional illumination of Shep’s pack. At least he was still alive. Every second Space Janitor wasted arguing with his pack lessened chances of survival.

Space Janitor felt a heat build below his fur. Was this rage? Was this his fault? How could he get it to go away? Space Janitor noticed the gaps and depth between his breath had shortened. He looked over to where Shep was.

“I may not survive, did you notice the other janitor with me?” asked Space Janitor.

“All you cleaning dogs look the same to me” Spenglactic blurted out.

“I thought you would have said something like that. The dog is, Shep, you may not have heard of him, but he knows of you. The gunk eats me. It doesn’t eat you. You know what that means? Shep will have to tell what happened.” As Space Janitor spoke the information on procedure came flooding into his mind. Was it all encoded? Some kind of latent memory? He could see it all even though he had not lived it himself. Procedures and protocols all in his mind.

“What are you saying?” asked the Spenglactic.

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Space Janitor 052 Space Janitor 052

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