Space Janitor 049

Space Janitor (049) remembered to himself it didn’t matter, all he could do was try. If he failed, he would not have to worry about it for too long anyway.

“Where are you mutt. I can’t see you for the pepper” said Shep somewhere from a ledge in the darkness.

“I’m near the mustard” replied Space Janitor.

“That’s too far away for me. I can’t see anything.”

“There might be a way to get to you on ahead. I have to keep going.” Space Janitor said.

“Get that pack working, otherwise what am I gonna do?” Shep said. Space Janitor wondered if Shep was self-pitying. Who could blame him if he was? Space Janitor thought to himself in all honesty that he too was getting ready to wallow in self-pity. He reminded himself that he could wallow all Space Janitor wanted he could have later provided that he kept himself alive.

There was a sound of knocking, clinking and smashing coming from behind him. The gunk was somewhere behind him, and Space Janitor would have to forge on ahead. There would have to be something better at the end of the table.

Space Janitor forged on ahead.

As the gunk pursued him, Space Janitor attempted to plot the most apparent path he could see for himself. The condiments, cutlery and giant plates were slowing him down, but the table ahead of him didn’t seem to run out. Did this table span the entire length of the station? It sure felt like that.

As he forged on ahead, it got darker, and Space Janitor was able to see less and less. He pressed the button for his night scope, but there was no response.

If unable to see, then this would be a short trip indeed for him. There was something ahead of him; he just could see what it was.

Would he fall off a cliff?

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Space Janitor 049 Space Janitor 049

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