Space Janitor 048

“Let’s do it!” shouted Space Janitor (048), getting to his feet. He wasn’t more confident, but he didn’t want Shep to think that he was a goner just yet.

“Right, the same again then,” said Shep. There was that sound again. Then there was the blast. Somehow it seemed closer than it was before. Space Janitor flinched as he readied himself for the jump. There was the cold crawling caress of the gunk on the back of his ankle. In front of him, the heat had subsided. The time to jump was now.

Space Janitor ran and leapt. As he left the surface of the table, a slimy tendril tugged at him. It messed with his trajectory, and he was going to miss the next landing.

Space Janitor reached out and grabbed for the table cloth. He caught it bringing some of the cutlery with him. He landed on a chair that rocked, skidded and finally toppled under the force of Space Janitor’s landing. Space Janitor was on his back. With his pack, he was more turtle than a dog. He rocked himself to the side. Gunk sensed his vulnerability. His island of chair shrinking by the second.

One end of the gunk knocked into him, a sticky tide pushing him upward. Using the momentum Space Janitor was able to grab hold of a chair and flip himself over. Using the toppled chair and an upright one as a series of stepping stones to the tabletop.

This particular table was ginormous than the ones he had seen before. It must have been for giant creatures that were already consumed by the gunk.

Condiments and kettles were towers before him. They would slow down Space Janitors viscous pursuer. Space Janitor thought to himself, what if it didn’t?

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Space Janitor 048 Space Janitor 048

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