Space Janitor 047

“You know I’m not!” Space Janitor (047) shouted at Shep.

“I’m sorry to hear that mutt, sadly you ain’t got much of choice,” Shep said. Space Janitor could hear the sound of the pack charging up. It felt as if all the air was sucked out of the room. Space Janitor held his breath. There was an intense heat the likes of which Space Janitor had never felt before.

A beam of pure heat passed in front of him. It was a whiskers breath away from him. The light given off was blinding. Space Janitor did not shield his vision. His arm would be melted off if he did. The heat ray caused his vision to go blotchy before him, but there he could see the path in front of him. The gunk had retreated enough for him to be able to make the leap.

Space Janitor ran and leapt onto the next table. The cloth caused him to slide on landing. Space Janitor almost went straight into a pile of the gunk. He pushed out and was able to stop himself.

“Hold on mutt give me a moment to recharge,” said Shep. Space Janitor looked up to see the pack opening up again to vent steam. Space Janitor could see the gathering gunk gaining ground in front of him. It rocked the table. Space Janitor did what he could to stabilise himself. Somewhere inside himself, Space Janitor wanted to call out for Shep. Get him to hurry up, but he knew that it would not happen. For Space Janitor to do so, it would not be fair on Shep who was doing the best he could.

The gunk was gathering speed and gathering strength. There might not be enough time for him to recover.

“You ready to go again, mutt?” Shep called from on high.

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Space Janitor 047 Space Janitor 047

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