Space Janitor 046

Space Janitor (046) looked around not know where to go next.

“You need to get up here as fast as you can. I don’t know if I can save you twice. Plus I’m going to need all the help I can get.” Shep said. Shep’s pack opened up, and steam jetted out the sides. “Mine keeps overheating. You’re going to have to get yours working mutt”.

Space Janitor was being flanked by new tendrils of gunk. Faceless translucent snakes coiling nearer and nearer. Space Janitor jumped atop a table. In front of him, he could make out a pattern.

The tables formed a path of stepping stones in front of him. The floor was gunk which meant engulfment for sure and after, death.

“I have an idea,” said Space Janitor. This may have been his first one of the day.

“Congratulations, kid,” Shep said. The steam vent stopped, and his pack closed up again.

“I’m going to need to jump between these tables. I’ll need a path. Can you provide?” said Space Janitor.

“I’ll do what I can, if that doesn’t work, then it’s not going to matter too much after that. Give me the signal” said Shep.

Space Janitor gulped and looked in front of him. He didn’t see where the tables led. It got dark before he could make put any form of final destination. Either way, he had to pick his final destination.

The gunk was engulfing the table, and he was running out of space to manoeuvre. The table rocked below him.

Space Janitor considered maybe he should let the gunk have a meal. If Space Janitor were lucky, he might give the gunk food poisoning giving Shep a chance to escape.

Curiosity got the better of Space Janitor, he wanted to see what was in the dark corner of the room and beyond.

“Well, mutt, are you ready?” Shep called out.

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Space Janitor 046 Space Janitor 046

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