Space Janitor 045

Space Janitor (045) struggled as the gunk loosened further. His limbs became mobile. With newfound freedom, Space Janitor extended his arms.

The gunk loosened.

Space Janitor pawed at the gunk, it had formed a membrane. It split, and cold darkness of the room rushed to greet him.

There was a new sound in the mix. It was a deep groan. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw an orange light flicker. It expanded into a beam of pure yellow light. It died off, and between the purple circles inside Space Janitor’s vision he could make out Shep’s form.

“I thought you were a goner,” Shep called out to Space Janitor.

“Still here. Thank you.” Space Janitor responded.

“Get up here,” said Shep. “Don’t hang around. It certainly knows we’re here now.”

Space Janitor pulled himself free from the gunk that was binding his ankles. He could feel fresh hot slime crawling to retake the ground that had been lost. Space Janitor needed to get up to Shep. He couldn’t rely on him to save him again. It wouldn’t be fair, and it was not his responsibility.

The stairs were right in front of him. He’d worry about getting Spenglactic to cooperate once he had regrouped with Shep.

Space Janitor stumbled as he made his way towards the stairs. The gunk had sapped some of the energy from him. It felt as if Space Janitor were going to pass out. He would have to persist.

A column of gunk destroyed the stairs. Space Janitor backed off.

“Mutt, you’re going to have to get me,” said Shep. “This thing is doing the old divide and conquer.” Shep fired off another blast at the mass.

“What do I do?” Space Janitor shouted.

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Space Janitor 045

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