Space Janitor 037

Space Janitor (037) looked down at the shape. It stopped eating. Without looking up, it spoke.

“Of course, I’m alive. Are you some kind of new mutt?” said the voice.

“I’m glad to hear that. There was someone back there who was alive when I found them, but that appears not to be the case anymore. Are you in the process of dying?” Space Janitor asked.

“Aren’t we all?” the voice said back. Space Janitor didn’t feel the barb. “Guess break time’s over. It stood up. It was a dogsbody like Space Janitor. “Who sent you? This is supposed to be a one dog job” said the shape.

“I did what my pack told me,” said Space Janitor.

The shape stopped, it turned in Space Janitor’s direction.

“What?” asked the shape. “You’re letting your pack dictate to you. Step into that light over there.”

Space Janitor did as he was told and did so. The shape approached him. It was a dog of black and white patches. The face was mainly black fur with white protruding along the chest. It got in close and sniffed Space Janitor. Space Janitor smelled the black and white dog’s breath. Biscuits reminded him of his hunger that still panged in his stomach.

“Where did you get the biscuits?” asked Space Janitor. His stomach again.

“You came here, cause your pack to say so?” said the other dog.

“Yes,” said Space Janitor.

“You talking like it’s your first day but you smell old.” said the other dog.

“It is my first day,” said Space Janitor.

“Don’t lie to me. You recognise me?” said the other dog.

“To recognise you I’d have to have met you before. I haven’t so I just cognise you,” said Space Janitor standing as still and upright as possible. The weight of the Spenglactic unbalanced him.

“You don’t recognise Shep?” said the other dog.


Do you want to start Space Janitor from the beginning? Cool, would you mind clicking here then in that case? Why, because a beginning is a perfect place to start.

Space Janitor 037

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