Space Janitor 036

Space Janitor (036) sniffed the air. It was definitely there. What he could smell was a form of a biscuit. How did he know that is what it was. To be honest, it was instinctual, and there was an aspect of it that not even Space Janitor had considered.

Space Janitor was able to identify the smell and the direction it was coming.

There was a way forward for him to take. Space Janitor followed the path and the smell. It would bring him to an opening.

The room opened out in front of him. The smell was stronger now. Something that made Space Janitor salivate. He stood still and breathed it in. In the still dark, he could hear the sound of snapping and crunching.

Space Janitor was drawn towards it and walked in the direction in the hope that he could get to the centre of this maze. A loud crash emanated from somewhere. Space Janitor was startled by the noise. He carried on further down the path towards the sound.

Over a railing, in a lowered area of the floor, he could make the outline of someone in the same jumpsuit as him. They were crouched down. As small as possible. Space Janitor leaned on the railing to get a better look.

Space Janitor’s force on the railing caused it to creak. The being in the jumpsuit below looked up at Space Janitor startled. The eyes glistened in the darkness. It didn’t move, and Space Janitor felt uneasy.

Was it like him, or was it something else entirely? The thing didn’t pose an immediate threat; otherwise, they wouldn’t be staring at each other for so long. The shape in the jumpsuit went back to eating.

Space Janitor looked a little longer. Gripped his paws around the railing and breathed in deeply before speaking.

“Are you alive?” Space Janitor asked.


Want to take Space Janitor from the top? You have excellent judgement. Would you mind clicking here then because the beginning is a brilliant place to start. 

Space Janitor 036

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