Space Janitor 034

Space Janitor (034) listened to make sure Slimpins was dead.

“No, I’m not dead yet. Although I have come to accept my fate that I will die in a way, I did not live. Not eating, this is deeply disappointing, and I will be putting in for refund procedure. Posthumously I will be buried with what I’m owed.” said Slimpins. He sounded weak and fed up. Not fed in the food sense. Do you know what I mean?

“You want to be buried with food?” Space Janitor asked. It wasn’t until this moment that Space Janitor realised that he was hungry. As in famished. He had been on the move since he was conscious. Even though there were many bad smells, there were a few fragrant ones. Space Janitor was aware he was panting somewhat.

“Yes, bury me with the food. It’s mine, I’m entitled to it, would you deny me food?” Slimpins said. Slimpins speech was becoming garbled as he was choking. It could be on his tongue, it could be something else. The amount of inhale/exhales was definitely down to double digits. It was a case of was it 99 or 10. More than likely it was somewhere in-between.

“I’m so hungry,” said Space Janitor.

He didn’t mean to say it aloud. The phrases slipped out his mouth. Had his stomach commandeered his speech centre?

“I don’t see how that is relevant information to me. I’m the customer. You work for me. I am the hungry one, and somehow you manage to make this all about you? I will see to it you get a negative review and I hope a termination. You selfish mutt. How dare you. How dare you.” said Slimpins.

“You’re giving me a bad review?” said Space Janitor.

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Space Janitor 034

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