Space Janitor 032

Space Janitor (032) thought about what Slimpins was saying. Slimpins breathing was shallow but the frustration took on a new depth.

“I don’t know if there is anything I can do for you. I don’t work here, I don’t even know what’s going on here. What happened?” Space Janitor asked.

“This is not how you run a business. I’ll not be back if this is how you treat a valued resident. When I came here I was malnourished. Over time through loyal custom, I was able to put on enough weight I became dependent. Then I moved in. There were extension mods I had to have installed all at my own expense. I worked hard to get this size. Now look at me, I am wasting away.” Slimpins pushed his stomach. More of the contents fell out the side.

There was a wet sloshing sound. Slimpins was in pain and Space Janitor didn’t know what to do. What would you have done in this case? Slimpins regardless of species was dying. Space Janitor wanted to move away but he remembered how alone he had felt at the beginning of his life.

Space Janitor wanted to proceed and get on with the task at hand but he felt he should stay a little longer. As Slimpins deflated there was the green flicker on the far wall. It was at it’s faintest. If he wanted to catch up to it now would be Space Janitor’s chance.

Space Janitor stood for a while longer. He closed his eyes and regained his composure. Space Janitor was aware he had not responded to Slimpins.

“Are you still there?” Slimpins asked the darkness.

“I’m still here,” said Space Janitor (032).

“Are you going to stand there mute or are you going to get a manager or whatever your power structure?” asked Slimpins.

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