Space Janitor 031

“I don’t know if I can help you,” said Space Janitor (031).

“OK, I understand it’s just that I’ve been lying here for so long. I’m starting to get hungry all over again. I know the Glutos has a zero tolerance on outside eatery infiltrators. In this case, it feels like Glutos must fulfil its end of the contract.” said the voice.

“You’re bleeding, you know that?” said Space Janitor.

“That’s fine, we’ll deal with that all in good time. Right now as a subscriber. As a permanent resident here, it would go over very well if you were to either reimburse me for the lost food. You could double the eating time at least.” said the voice.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m a humble mutt. There’s no way for me to be sure. Not until we get this mess sorted out.” said Space Janitor.

“I’m a salamonium class customer. My name is Slimpins Kezor. I would like to speak to the owner. Who is your super? I’m hungry, alright.”

“Where is the owner?” Space Janitor whispered.

“I contribute to this place. You are the employee. You do what I say. What is this your first day?” Slimpins said, getting louder.

“It is, and I don’t work here. I’m with the cleaning branch, sector, people. We’re dogs, mainly.” said Space Janitor. He had backed away from the body by this point. He was standing up and noticed that the giant mass was getting smaller.

Space Janitor noticed Slimpins was deflating.

There must have been some hole somewhere leaking the insides out. The chances of Slimpins living a long full life were Slimpins. (Too soon, I mean, he’s not dead yet.)

Space Janitor (031) walked towards the source of Slimpins voice. There was disapproval in Slimpins voice.

“All I hear from you are excuses. What I want to know is what are you going to do for me?” Slimpins demanded.

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