Space Janitor 029

The corridor stretched out in front of Space Janitor (029). He proceeded along, the glow in the distance flickered green against the gold of the walls. Was it real gold or some synthetic sci-fi gold? It didn’t matter. It looked authentic either way.

Space Janitor could see even less than usual, and it frightened him to an extent. He slipped on something lumpy and thrust out his arms to brace himself from falling. Steady, he walked further trying his best to decipher the floor below him.

Somewhere in the distance, there was the sound of dripping into a large pool. His mind boggled at how big this building was. Cavernous in many different ways. Would he get shut-in, would he be trapped and left to suffocate? Some of the green glow at the far end of the corridor reflected off candelabra. Reflected off silver plates and platinum goblets. Where they authentic? If they were, do you think Space Janitor would know? He’s a janitor, not an evaluator. Let us check in on his thoughts. Hold on, it might get quiet.

Those are shiny, thought Space Janitor to himself.

See what I mean, I wouldn’t exactly put a bid in just yet.

Space Janitor felt himself slipping and sliding once more. He caught his foot on something. Space Janitor was proceeding to skate all over the place. He skated face-first into a set of drawers and went to ground.

Something soggy yet solid cushioned his fall. His mouth turned into a deep frown caused by texture and smell. Whatever it was, it was stuck to his face. His tongue instinctively emerged from his mouth. Space Janitor forced the tongue back into his mouth.

Space Janitor (029) rolled on his back. The ceiling above, dark. He couldn’t tell whether his eyes were open or closed. Spenglactic dug into his back. He would have to move fast. Cramp would set in if he stayed in that position.

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