Space Janitor 028

Space Janitor (028) stepped into the main foyer area. There was a spiral staircase that led to an upper level. Space Janitor noticed it was getting darker. He looked up and saw that there were giant, long and narrow metal grids being placed over the ceiling. When the metal made contact with where the skylight had been, it dislodged some of the glass.

The glass fell towards Space Janitor, he found cover under a stairwell. The sound of shattering glass echoed throughout the foyer area.

Space Janitor looked around. In the distance, he saw another canine cleaner disappear round a corner.

Space Janitor wondered whether this would warrant the attention of Spenglactic. He decided against it in the end. Space Janitor thought that he would probably have to use his own intuition. It would help him throughout the course of his employ/existence. He decided to catch up to his fellow worker, and they could tackle, whatever awaited them together.

Space Janitor left the alcove and followed after the other cleaner. There was a lot of glass on the floor. As the light dimmed, he could see the ground. A veritable minefield of broken glass, damaged items and sticky liquids.

Space Janitor kept moving, doing his best to avoid debris. For the most part, he was successful. Space Janitor possessed nimble feet and could hop further than he anticipated. A flawless run, it was not. There was the occasional squelch or crack. The noises reminded him he was not the navigator of muck he would have hoped himself to be.

It took some time, but Space Janitor had found himself at the turn of the corner where he had last seen his colleague.

Space Janitor turned the corner. There were two options. Some stairs went up towards a faint light. There was a long corridor with a glow at the end.

Space Janitor (028) followed the corridor.

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