Space Janitor 027

“Like I don’t know, what part of, don’t expect gives you trouble? If I knew what to expect, then it wouldn’t be unexpected. Am I making sense to you?” Spenglactic asked.

“I’m a little stupid,” said Space Janitor.

“You’re a big,” said Spenglactic. “The readings are getting stronger, where are we now, describe it to me.”

“There are steps in front of us. There are some big robots with scanners. Whatever it is, it’s scanning us. The scanner’s gone green,” said Space Janitor.

“Go up the steps, then in that case. Those are part of SecFor. There must be something going on inside. If this were a standard clean up, then they wouldn’t be here. I’m not going to admit out loud to being intrigued. What I will say is that my sensors are seeking.” said Spenglactic.

“I’m at the top of the steps. I see another dressed like me. They’re ahead of me and going through a door. It’s dark inside there is some light coming through the ceiling. Shattered glass all over the floor.” Space Janitor’s description was cut off by a droning sound.

“Oh, that was my boredom sensor. You must have set it off. Look, I don’t need a play by play. Let me tell you what I need. If there’s something, you’re unsure off let me know. Say something like Spenglactic help. I’m going to focus on clearing up some memory space for a bit. Will I remember your name? You know what we’ll see. I’m going to tune out for a bit. If you die, what can I say? It’s been brief.”

Spenglactic made a powering down noise. It was in the Brooklyn accent. Space Janitor believed the noise was done for effect or to be extra obnoxious. It was probably both.

“OK, thank you,” said Space Janitor. There was no response.

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