Space Janitor 026

“You’re going to have to tell me,” said Space Janitor.

“Even if it changes approximately nothing?” said Spenglactic.

“Forewarned is forearmed,” said Space Janitor.

“My circuits. Get cliche’s coded? Besides you technically have four arms anyway, or is it legs. Look, there’s no way that you need to know. However, since I’m a good cooperative pack. Remember this for later, OK, I may need you to do something for me. Right, this is a Glutorium.” said the Spenglactic.

“I don’t know what,” said Space Janitor. Spenglactic cut off Space Janitor immediately.

“I know you don’t know. Let me build a little suspense. See if your a mutt who feels compelled to fill a silence, we’re going to have problems. A Glutorium is one of those more than you can eat facilities. Actually, more than you can take of anything. Whatever is in there it’s not going to be pretty. Except for the prostibots. They’ll fulfill your desires. That’s their design. From a visual perspective. They neutered you, right?”

Space Janitor thought.

“I don’t know,” Space Janitor responded.

“How can you not know?” said Spenglactic. “Like I have a couple of computer viruses. Patched out most of them. Just be careful when inserting pen drives, OK?”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” said Space Janitor. Still, he did not understand the information he received.

“Great, fantastic and smart. There are probably going to be Sirelots. They’re a psycho-magnatheric jellyfish. Mass-produced near the Gulfoyer district. Respond to brainwaves. Mass-produced somewhere on the station so don’t feel guilty about blasting them. Aside from those things, we’ll play it by ear. There might be something else we don’t expect.”

“Like what?” Space Janitor asked. Space Janitor looked ahead. Spenglactic didn’t respond. The smell grew stronger, now there was a burning smell too. Space Janitor walked towards the building.

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