Space Janitor 025

Space Janitor (025) landed somewhere safe. Away from people so he could collect his thoughts. There was a small, dark alleyway. Space Janitor stood there for a moment watching people go by.

“Look, we’ve wasted enough time today so let’s get to it OK. You have a quota you gotta keep up with. If you don’t, then there will be trouble. To be honest, sitting on a table for another bio-life cycle isn’t exactly my cup of tea. If you get me” Spenglactic said to Space Janitor.

“Oh, OK,” said Space Janitor. “What should I do?”

“Let’s see, hold on we’re somewhere in this sectors downtown. There’s probably some kind of clean up. Tell me what do you see. I don’t have eyes. What I do have is a series of sensors, but some of them have been damaged over the years. Gonna need your help to give me a rough idea. Describe what you see.” said Spenglactic.

Space Janitor looked around.

“Well, there’s a lot of people walking around. Many bags, many feet. There’s a large building up ahead.” said Space Janitor.

“Right, keep going. A large building,” said Spenglactic.

“There’s a lot of glass, a lot of things coming out. They’re slow-moving,” said Space Janitor.

“OK then get closer to that, it sounds like it could be something.” Spenglactic chimed.

Space Janitor exited the alleyway and made his way towards the building. Instinctively he sniffed and then put his hand over his nose. He felt his gag reflex kick in.

“What is it?” Spenglactic inquired.

“It smells bad. Like really bad,” said Space Janitor.

“Describe it to me. No, wait, cancel that, don’t bother. The dishes at the top of me are picking up massive amounts of, well, you’re a dog. Don’t take this the wrong way but you won’t understand.”

“What is it?” Space Janitor asked through his hand.

“You’re not going to like it,” said Spenglactic.

Space Janitor 025

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