Space Janitor 019

Space Janitor 019 approached the door, and it opened automatically. The room was empty. Except for the middle of the room. In the middle of the room, there was a desk. On the desk sat a backpack with a hose attached. Space Janitor regarded it curiously. He l got in closer to the pack and sniffed.

Space Janitor saw there were signs of wear and tear on the backpack. Chips and chunks were missing across the casing. There were also burn marks and places where it had melted. Vents lined the side. There was dull darkness over bulbs and light panels. Beneath the surface, there was a green glow encased in metal.

The backpack gave off a strange smell, and Space Janitor drew back a step. Space Janitor didn’t know if he were to await further instruction or if this was for him.

“You will have to touch me at some point. Regardless of smell” came a voice from in the room. Space Janitor looked around for a speaker. “It’s me, the thing you’ve been rubbing your moist nose over for the past few moments. You’re my new partner? Great. I’m so happy.” said the backpack.

“Pleasure to meet you,” said, Space Janitor offering out a paw.

“Listen, dogsbody, you better be putting your hand out to strap me on. Otherwise, Mr Genius, we’re gonna be waiting a while, and I don’t know about you, but I have nothing better to do with my time. So we can stand and wait until the hexium core melts down. Wouldn’t it be nice? Hope you brought some radblock.” Even though it was a backpack Space Janitor could hear the sound of panted breathing.

“OK, I’m going to put you on then,” said Space Janitor 019.

“Can’t wait. I will be the ringer in the sphere in that case. You want a line you can use on your cheap floosies? Why didn’t the pack go to the dance? It had nobody to go with. Also, it’s an inanimate object. Also, hurry up and put me on.” said the pack.

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