Space Janitor 018

“For now, hold onto it, you’ll need it to keep track of things. Some of your wages will be deducted to go towards your cost of living.” the Great Dane said to Space Janitor 018

“OK, thank you for the advice,” said Space Janitor.

“Not advice, common knowledge. Everyone born here’s got one. Unless they’re breeding your lot now to be more stupid. Are you stupid?” the Great Dane.

“If I was stupid, would I be aware of my own lack of smarts?” asked Space Janitor. The question was sincere, but he knew that he might rile up the beast in front of him.

“I can’t tell if that is a smart or stupid question. A couple of breeds ago a batch of you started talking. Talking about unions, appropriate living conditions, and not getting spat on. They all got disintegrated. They got to be in a union that day I can tell you.” the Great Dane said, smiling at Space Janitor.

Space Janitor listened intently. “That was a joke, did it scan, OK? Who knows? I hope whoever reads our transcripts will let me know. The point is, talk about unions, labour laws any of that? The dust that was once your body will be swept away by your replacement. Got it? We’re not the inner districts like Santcimonium or anything like that. You’ll never go there, but the Moanies pride themselves on how well they treat their staff. The place is a dump. In Edgerion, we run things differently. There’s an expression here. Want to hear it?” asked the Great Dane. Space Janitor nodded. “In Edgerion the only thing you can keep dirty is your mind and the administers are working on that.”

“Thank you for all your help,” said Space Janitor.

“Now you can stay here and lose out on more money, or you can go and get sorted for your gear.” the Great Dane pointed to an area at the back.

Space Janitor looked and saw a large metal door. He faced the Great Dane.

“Thank you. What is your name?” asked Space Janitor.

“Well, they used to call me the Great Dane. Then there was the great soda flood of sector 8H. Call me the Alright Dane.”

Space Janitor nodded and walked away.

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