Space Janitor 017

“I’m sorry to hear about Rusty,” said Space Janitor. “I hope he didn’t suffer too much.” space janitor 017

“No more than any of the rest of us do. When we’re born, we have a debt, and it will be repaid.” said the Great Dane.

“Yes, the cost of existence. If only we had a receipt” said Space Janitor. Space Janitor wondered if he would ever break away from this sizeable melancholy pooch. He wanted to pet him but instinctively resisted the urge. The Great Dane closed his eyes, the breath was shallow that it was not perceptible. Space Janitor wondered for a moment was the Great Dane dead. The dog was so still, a statue of sadness in the locker rooms, obstructing the exit. If the Great Dane were dead, then Space Janitor would be along after him. He would either die from dehydration or starvation. The thought of eating the Great Dane crossed his mind. Space Janitor decided against cannibalism. Cannibalism on the first day would earn him a reputation. Space Janitor would first ascertain if his superior were dead. “I said if only we had a receipt.”

The Great Dane’s eyes opened and looked at Space Janitor in a puzzled manner. Space Janitor felt large paws grab him and spin him round in the spot. There was a tearing sound, and he was rotated back to face the Great Dane.

“You do,” said the Great Dane holding out a thin strip of paper. Space Janitor took the paper from him. Space Janitor read the details on the piece.

“I’m being charged for existing?” asked Space Janitor somewhat incredulous.

“It’s a soul tax,” said the Great Dane. Space Janitor’s hand was in the process of destroying the receipt when the Great Dane noticed. “Hold on to that! You’ll need it for your records. There are loan sharks out whose business model revolves around financial illiteracy. Although they don’t usually target dogsbodies.” said the Great Dane.

“Who do they normally go for?” asked Space Janitor.

“Humans” replied the Great Dane.

“So what do I do with this then?” asked Space Janitor.

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