Space Janitor 016

“Nothing that I haven’t already seen a million times before,” said the Great Dane. You’re a standard issue cleaning dog, a dogsbody. You’re curious enough to be self-motivated to do your job. There’s a lot of.” The Great Dane stopped talking and returned the card to Space Janitor. space janitor 016

“A lot of?” Space Janitor asked.

“You see, curiosity. Like that, standard. Look don’t take this the wrong way but you’re already running late, and you have to work extra. I could stand here and explain to you who you are and what makes you tick. I’m not going to do that, OK. Knowing doesn’t change anything.”

“Oh OK,” said Space Janitor, disappointed. Space Janitor would have liked to have known more about himself. Space Janitor had a fair idea of who he was. Some clarification would have been welcome.

I can’t imagine you being interested in my take, but I, the narrator, am relieved. If the Great Dane were to spell it out, then it would make everything a little too obvious as to where it is going. If you were to read every aspect of Space Janitor’s personality, then it wouldn’t give me room to manoeuver. I’m glad the Great Dane made a choice to cut the biography short.

The Great Dane rocked on his two feet and twiddled his thumbs.

“I’ll get to it then,” said Space Janitor. He was unsure if the silence was his cue to speak.

“Huh? I was distracted there. You look like a dog we used to have here. Rusty. He was so full of life and full of beans. Even more so when he ate beans. Rusty is no longer full of beans or life.” said the Great Dane a letting out a long sigh. Deflating himself. Slackening in the shoulders.

“I see.” Space Janitor said nodding.

“Rusty is dead.” the Great Dane said.

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