Space Janitor 015

“I’ve only just arrived,” said Space Janitor to the Great Dane. Space Janitor 015

“I know you have, you’re late. What is your excuse?” asked the Great Dane.

“There was a bit of trouble when it came to getting here. Things aren’t as clear as they should be” said Space Janitor pursing his lips.

The Great Dane’s face didn’t move. Didn’t change expression leaving doubt in Space Janitor’s mind, maybe time had stopped. It felt it had as the small eyes focused in on him. They were almost entirely black. Colour wouldn’t give them any more life, any semblance of a soul. Space Janitor may have been the same.

“Very well then,” said the Great Dane. That wasn’t as unpleasant as Space Janitor expected. “We’ve all had the first days. Well, I say that but there only is one first day, isn’t there? There’s only one last day too. Listen to me. My design has made me a bit more contemplative. I have to plan ahead as a unit leader. Let me scan your card.”

“I know my name, it is Findo,” said Space Janitor. “If that is of any help.”

“Your name doesn’t matter. No names matter for we are all strangers with a common goal. There I go again. Your chip will tell me a bit more about you so I can put you to work in useful areas. There’s no point in putting you somewhere that you are ill-equipped to handle. I do what I can to make my team comfortable. Although what comfort is there. Floating in a void. Designed to serve. Live a life that is nasty, brutal and far too short. I don’t have to do that you know that. My kindness parameters have been set to zero, so anything nice I do is voluntary. Some unit leaders don’t care. I don’t care about either, but I understand what it must be like.”

“Would you like to scan the card?” asked Space Janitor.

“Yes, I would,” said the Great Dane. The Great Dane took his small scanning device and held it up to the badge. There was a beep, and it began printing a receipt.

“What does it say?” Space Janitor asked.

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Space Janitor 015space janitor 015

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