Space Janitor 014

Space Janitor took the card and held it tight to his chest. He didn’t know what it meant. He summarised it was a location somewhere in the building. Space Janitor 014 Space Janitor 014

Space Janitor felt compelled to ask the desk dog where exactly was he supposed to go. Good boy he was, he suppressed the urge. He moved on down the corridor. The corridor branched off in several directions.

There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to the design of the building as there was no real organisation. Space Janitor felt he was in the digestive tract of a metallic snake.

Space Janitor walked confused. There were sporadic appearances of other dogs. They shot from door to door as if to slow or speak to Space Janitor face the penalty of death.

Space Janitor knew he was close. He never felt so close to giving up either. He looked back down at the card 49D. Every time he looked up, he felt as if the layout of the building changed.

“Where in the blasthole is 49D?” Space Janitor blurted out. Shocked at his own annoyance.

“On your left” a voice answered. Space Janitor looked around. There it was on the door. 49D.

Space Janitor approached the door. It opened.

As the door slid back, he saw row and row after of little locker lined with benches. There was a Great Dane breed of dog standing by the entrance to the locker room. Space Janitor didn’t see it at first. Space Janitor walked into the room when he felt a great paw practically lifting him off the ground. It took Space Janitor a moment to register his feet weren’t actually moving him forward. It was when he did a 180 without his knowledge did he notice the mass of dog before him.

Space Janitor looked up to meet the gaze of the Great Dane.

“What kept you?” it said.

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