Space Janitor 013

“Would you please be quiet!” shouted the desk dog. Space Janitor 013 Space Janitor 013

Space Janitor went quiet and twiddled his thumbs.

“It is not my job to sit here and listen to your inane twaddle.” the desk dog said. Desk dog took a deep breath, then sat back down in their seat. When it spoke again, it did so in a softer tone of voice.

“You are not here to ask why. You’re here to clean because that is the sole purpose that you have been created. You have had your genetic makeup manipulated so that you might better serve your purpose. All those questions you have? A sense of curiosity is good in a cleaning dog. It makes you seek things out and do your job that little bit better. Now let me reiterate to you. It is not my job to listen to you go on and on about every thought coming into your head. I will tell you where you are next to go. You might feel curious and that there’s still a lot left unanswered and I understand. I’m am only several station months in my existence, and I have questions I’d like to ask. Questions like”.

Desk dog trailed off and looked at a point over Space Janitor’s shoulder.

Space Janitor turned his head to see if there was anything in particular.

The desk dog spoke up again. Space Janitors head turned round to meet the gaze.

“What does it all mean? What is the point? If I was designed, why must they make me feel pain in every instance? Did they have to make my nose so small that breathing is a difficulty? I’m I defective? Will reporting my defects lead me to termination?” Space Janitor sat staring. Space Janitor felt an onus to speak but suppressed the urge. “These are the questions I have but never do I verbalise them. You must not verbalise these thoughts, not now or ever. What you must do is take this card and leave my sight.” The desk dog slid over a flat piece of card and report for asiantation. Now get out of my sight.”

Desk dog looked down at his desk, sighed and resumed working.

Space Janitor looked at the card.

49D was emblazoned on it in a deep black.

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