Space Janitor 012

“What should you be doing? Your job.” said the desk dog. There was more than a hint of a growl in the back of their throat. Space Janitor 012 Space Janitor 012

“And what is my job?” Space Janitor asked, oblivious.

“On your way in, you felt something of a compulsion to clean?” Desk dog said, eyes wide.

“I did, wow, how did you know?” said Space Janitor looking at desk dog with a sense of wonder. He pressed two fingers to his temple. “What about now, can you tell I’m hungry. Wait, I just gave it away. Now I’m having second feeling. Do you know what it is because, to be honest, the sensation of being alive is a novelty. I’m not even sure how I know words. Words like…words and lugubrious and brolenderkantz. Hold on that last one was my imagination. How come I don’t have to actively breathe? It kind of already happens, but when I concentrate on breathing, it stops. I have to forget how to breathe to remember.”

Now I want there to be an air of mystery regarding how much desk dog appreciated this soliloquy. If I had no respect for you as a reader, I would write: Desk dog was ___ and put in the appropriate emotion. However, there’s no fun in that. You’re reading this, so you’re already above average and intelligence. Let me be so bold to let me also say, above average in attractiveness too (love what you’ve done with your hair by the way). As I said, you’re smart. You’ve probably already deduced the emotional state of this haggard tired bureaucratic dog. For the sake of pacing and story let me reveal it to you in a series of images.

Desk dog sits listening to Space Janitor. His breathing steady, his paws static. Throughout Space Janitor’s monologue, the breathing quickens and is more shallow. Gulps become sips, you know what I mean? The claws, once still, begin to drum. The tempo increasing until they are a gallop.

There is a build-up until desk dog shoots up onto his feet, slamming both paws down on the table.

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