Space Janitor 010

Space Janitor panicked. He felt he was drowning. He couldn’t see. Thrashing in the darkness, he felt adrift. He went to scream, but his mouth was being held shut. Somehow he was still able to breathe. Taking a moment, he slowed his breath right down. Space Janitor 010 Space Janitor 010

Feeling out in front of him, there was a spongy service. There was a tremoring deep below him, and he decided to relax into the darkness. Space Janitor gathered his thoughts. There weren’t many. Hunger was still there and something else. Another feeling he hadn’t yet encountered.

Was it gassiness? No, Space Janitor would wait and see.

The tremoring stopped.

A blast of bright light to his face. Whatever held his mouth shut released. Space Janitor felt hoisted high into the air and then rushed to the ground. Firm, solid ground.

It took a moment for him to asianate himself. He was laid on his back. Covered in a clear jelly-like viscous material. He rolled over onto his front. Wiped as much as he could off.

There was a loud thud nearby, and he watched the galaxi stomp off into the distance.

Space Janitor coughed and stood up.

Before him, there was a large building. He could see that this was the place where he was supposed to go. He pursed his lips and proceeded forwards.

The building was a hub of activity. There was a multitude of bipedal canines like himself. None where the same breed as Space Janitor but he could find his own kind further in he wagered.

Space Janitor smiled for the first time since he had come into existence. He bounded towards the entrance of the building.

While he may have been among his own, his fellow travellers paid him no mind. They pushed him jostled him, on the rare occasion he was addressed he was told to watch his step.

Space Janitor approached the desk.

“What time do you call this?” asked a canine sat behind.

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