Space Janitor 009

The terminal took a moment before coming to life. Space janitor 009 space janitor 009

“Yes, certainly. You are looking for the Edgerion Point. It is one quarbleck from this point.” said the terminal.

“Is that far from here?” asked Space Janitor.

“What is your mode of transport?” asked the terminal.

“None,” said Space Janitor.

“Scanning,” said the terminal. Space Janitor felt the terminal glint at him. “Complete,” the terminal said. “It will take seven of your kinds of life cycles to traverse that distance on foot.”

“Not local then?” said Space Janitor.

“It’s the nearest” responded the terminal then went quiet.

“Terminal,” said Space Janitor.

“My name is Orthrox. I may not have feelings, but I still experience emotions due to a programming error.”

“OK, Orthrox?” asked Space Janitor. He turned around and saw there was a queue forming behind him. He made eye contact with the patriarch of a large family of mice creatures.

“Please hurry up.” said the mouse. Space Janitor nodded and turned around to the terminal.

“Orthrox, I need to get to Edgerion Point as soon as possible please.” Space Janitor said.

“You’re entitled to a free trial of our internal galaxi service. It is the fastest mode of transport.”

“I’ll take it.”

“You will need to read terms and service.”

“Please, just let me get there. I only have one life cycle, and I feel like I’m running late already.”

“I can beam all the information into your head,” said Orthrox the terminal.

“KOK. Will it take long?” asked Space Janitor.

“It was transferred after you said OK.”

“Is that it, is it safe?”

“Here’s an old computer saying we have in these instances: 404.”

“I see,” said Space Janitor.

“Right. You are all set. A galaxi is on its way. Please stand by.”

Space Janitor felt a shadow grow large above him.

A claw fell on top of him, clenched and lifted.

Suddenly it became very dark and wet for Space Janitor.

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