Space Janitor 008

“Where do I want to go?” Space Janitor asked himself aloud. Space Janitor 008 Space Janitor 008

“Where do you want to go?” the terminal parroted back to him.

“I don’t know where I am supposed to be,” said Space Janitor.

“You are beyond my help. I can get you there, but I do require you to tell me where there is in the first place.” said the terminal.

“Can you help give me an idea?” asked Space Janitor looking at the layout of the map. No, where looked familiar. Why would it look familiar, Space Janitor thought to himself. This was his first time being here.

Space Janitor felt himself being shoved violently to one side.

“Out of the way short stuff.” said a giant being. It looked mildly irritated. “Bloomin’ gravity settings here. Too heavy. Oi, I need to get a suspensor suit. Actually, wait, is there a place where the gravity is a little less oppressive for someone of my weight. I want to feel like I weigh attractive.”

“There is a suspensorium several crabits from this location. If you relocate yourself to B-level, you may find an atmospheric pressure more to your liking.” said the terminal. The massive beast grunted and then slithered away. It left a trail of mucous membrane in its wake. Some fellow travellers avoided the slime. Most trudged on through only slightly slowing before adapting and picking up speed.

Space Janitor looked back around at the terminal. A large area of flat against a wall. Multiple users using it for the most brief of moments before going along on their way.

Space Janitor found a free point. If he wanted a better response, he would have to ask a more direct question. He would have to phrase his question carefully. Space Janitor thought for a moment.

“Terminal, can you help me get to the nearest. Janitorial office. On this level. Thank you.”

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