Space Janitor 007

The snarler stood over the injured pedestrian. Space Janitor looked on. Space Janitor 007 Space Janitor 007

“Get up, you have six sacks, plenty more. Don’t get so upset.” said snarler.

“I can help clean it up,” said Space Janitor. The snarler turned round to Space Janitor, eyes wide bulging, reminded him of his own.

“You are supposed to be finding out where you are to go,” said the snarler. Emphatically, snarler gesticulated to the terminal through the crowd. Space Janitor looked over to it and then back to the two.

“This is going to be taken further,” said the be-tentacled pedestrian still holding his face.

“You’re right it is,” said the snarler, “You’re going to have a dead ForSec officer on your hands so you will. How would you like that? Don’t believe me, I’ll kill myself right now and name you in the documents. Then what will happen? Could you live with that? You won’t have to because it would be instant death. There’s no committing suicide for you when you’re dead. Come on, let’s go, I’ll kill myself right now, ready?”

The crowd drew a curtain around the two. Space janitor did not want to see anymore and would have to make his way towards the terminal. It was a fight against a strong current of creatures.

All splitting and dividing in different directions.

Space Janitor stuck close to the more giant beings as he was able to slip between the legs of them. The more legs they had, the better as it gave him more opportunities to map out a course to his destination.

The creature providing shelter for him was altering course. Space Janitor would have to throw himself out into the fray. Taking a deep breath, he did so. There was a part of him that was fearful and another part enjoying the game of traversal.

Getting to the terminal, he managed to sequester himself a place.

On pressing a button, it asked him a question.

“Where do you want to go?”

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