Space Janitor 002

Space Janitor looked up from the badge at the crescent moon pupils staring him down. Space Janitor 002

“I wasn’t admiring myself” Space Janitor corrected. Space Janitor 002

“You sure were looking long enough, you sure your vanity levels aren’t too high?” Hinkel asked.

“To be honest, I’m not sure what my vanity levels are. If anything is high, it is my curiosity. I’ve never seen my appearance.” said Space Janitor.

“You don’t have any cat DNA in your system. Unless there has been an error in which case I can recommend you for disintegration.” Hinkel said.

Hinkel drummed his paws on the podium, expecting an answer.

Somewhere in the distance, a turbine turned.

Kicking to life. Slow at first before building to an appropriate operational speed.

It took a moment for Findo, Space Janitor to understand that he was being addressed directly.

“What, oh, no. Please don’t recommend disintegration yet. I’ve only just arrived, and it has been so much fun for the length of time I’ve been here, alive. Speaking of how long have I been. It’s clear my memory is blank, yet I can speak and respond to authority. Am I brand new or my mind has been blanked?” Space Janitor said.

Hinkel looked physically pained by the question. Pupils disappeared behind folds of fur. When they reemerged, they were accompanied a few inches below by prominent canines. Canines as in teeth. Hinkel didn’t have smaller dogs in his mouth or have dogs for teeth. I know this is sci-fi but c’ mon.

“You, brand new? If I hadn’t had my laughter nodules removed I would laugh” said Hinkel.

Hinkel added “What are you? Be you a brand spanking new species or the reanimated bones of the wolf who dared to approach a fire. Let me tell you. It doesn’t matter.” Drool dripped and dropped from Hinkel’s mouth.

“Oh, just wondering.” Space Janitor said.

Hinkel flipped a glass guard covering a red button. Paw hovered over the button.

“Maybe there was an error. Come to think of it you do look a little like a cat”.

Space Janitor watched the finger, molecules from the button. His eyes widened further as if that were possible, it was. Space Janitor gulped deep.

Then he spoke.

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