Snobs hate Trump, here’s why.

Snobs, if you are one you probably hate Trump.

I’ve been thinking to myself, why is that?

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Still engaged

You know I’ve been following American politics since the beginning of 2016. I’m not going to beat around the Jeb Bush, but the reason that I got interested was Donald J. Trump. I’ve never been interested in politics all that much. I did politics for A-Level, got a D, didn’t listen in class and paid the price.

I was not interested.

Even on the local level politics is depressing and stuffy. In Northern Ireland, some of our politicians have flat out murdered people. What’s worse is they won’t even deliver the goss. I don’t know whether it’s to do with getting arrested or respect for victims, whatever it’s really frustrating. It’s the same as someone going, “Here, let me tell you what I saw the vicar and the groundskeeper doing. No wait I can’t tell you”. It’s not that they did it, it’s that they did it and refused to talk about it.

Local politics is frustrating because with some adjustment they could get people more involved.

I got so frustrated that I wrote some advice for a party I do not support.

Don’t even get me started on British politics. The UK is a shit show. I’m not saying it’s dirty, but the blanket men told them to scrub the walls. It’s depressing, and it’s performed by uncharismatic husks.

Politics is Wrestling

That’s why I like the politics of the US. It’s my equivalent of wrestling or competitive televised sports.

The 2016 election campaign was so entertaining to watch. I don’t care about Republicans or Democrats. It was fun to watch Trump indiscriminately whale on everyone.

The Republican primaries had some laugh out loud moments. The second debate between Trump and Hilary was TV gold, especially “You’d be in jail”.

There were also the memes.

I thought that once the election was over that would be it and I would return to being disengaged.

Only, you have to understand, that didn’t happen.

Watching the mainstream media fail to comprehend a person antagonistic towards them is glorious.

Can you imagine how fascinating it is for someone like myself who is a novice when it comes to politics?

My memories of politicians is that they go on TV, get asked a question then proceed not to answer.

To have someone come on and not only answer the question but turn it around on the questioner.

I could be wrong, maybe he doesn’t answer questions. What’s it more like? I’ll tell you what politicians lie, you and I accept that. Politicians lie like women. I mean this in the sense that they tell you some of the truth but don’t tell you the complete truth. They lie through omission. Trump lies like a man, it’s over the top, you know that it’s a lie. You find yourself going “Hold on wait what?”

“Trump fails basic fact-checking.”

I hear that frequently and I’ve come to realise that when they say it, they mean it as a criticism.

Here’s the thing, I expect politicians to lie. The problem is most politicians lie like the dirty leech public sector workers that they are. As in their lies lack vision and doesn’t function. Trump, on the other hand, lies like a private sector person would. It’s big gaudy and makes you take in the scale and personal vision. It appeals to the emotion rather than the intellect.

Anyway, you’re wondering why I’m rambling, so am I. What I’m trying to say is that it’s two years later and I’m still here.

Why is that?

I’ve been thinking about it and part of it is Trump’s appeal. Here’s a video from the softly spoken nerd writer:

This video comes to the wrong conclusion. Trump talking in a basic way does not make him stupid.

Trump talks like a copywriter. The words are simple and to the point. The effect that this has on the uninvolved like you or me is you feel you finally understand what the hell is going on.

Now let me set you straight on something. I love big words, you could say that they are the best words, but I am aware of their limits. If you don’t know the meaning of a word, then you feel like you’re getting removed from the conversation. I’ve had this happen to me. I’m sure you have been talking away to someone, and they use a word that stops you in the flow. All a sudden you’re playing catch up.

It’s a Red Hot Chilli Peppers song. Their lyrics are so retarded that it can take you out of the song. Instead of listening you’re trying to work out what they’re saying, “Jade Fox in the treetops” what? You get taken out so far that you miss the chorus.

That’s how big words can hurt you when it comes to communication.

Trump simplifies all that.

Can you imagine how annoying that is if you’re one of the snobs trying to pull the wool?

This is why it must be frustrating to some of the snobs who would be happier if Trump wasn’t about.

Who do I mean by snobs?

You know who I’m talking about, they don’t even acknowledge the plebs let alone trying to help them. You could argue that Trump doesn’t either, but he’s acting as if he does. His solutions could be temporary. For some people holding onto a job for a little longer may make the difference.

Trump is pulling back the cover on bad deals that America has made. Whether it’s the Paris Climate accord which turned out to be literal hot air. There was also the Iran deal where they were just bribing the Iranian regime to stay out of trouble.

Trump’s simple speaking has made politics more accessible to the less privileged. By lowering the barrier for entry into political discourse he’s pissing off the snobs.

He’s democratising democracy.

I hope other politicians follow suit.

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