Side by Side (2012): A film about films

Side by side is an excellent documentary for filmmakers and film fans. Here you can watch it for free on Youtube.

Side by side

In this documentary, Keanu Reeves interviews different directors about the future of movies. He also talks to cinematographers/directors of photography (DoP) about the changing technology used to make motion pictures.

You might find this to be a dry way too niche kind of topic, I understand if you don’t watch.

Here’s the thing though, this kind of movie is my bag. I love this kind of technical talk. I don’t know why I’m fascinated by it so much. I’m not even that knowledgeable about film or photography.

I mean I know which way to point the glass, but that’s the height of my skills.

Here’s the link:

It’s beautiful to see so many legends of cinema sit down to talk about the ever-changing technology.

They also interview a few new faces to get a breadth of opinion.

What to look out for

There are some excellent moments in this film.

In no particular order

George Lucas gets passionate: Listening to George get excited about film again makes you think, “Where the hell was this enthusiasm during the prequels?”

When they explain how digital and film work: They explain how the film is captured. To be honest, how the hell did they discover film first? When they explain film and all the chemical processes and mechanisms it doesn’t make sense. They tell you how digital video is captured and you say “Total sense, understand it completely”. Could be a generational thing but hey, that’s just me.

Anthony Dod Mantle wins an Oscar for cinematography without using a camera:. The award-winning DoP explains how he was able to attach a lens to a MacBook to get some of the shots in Slum Dog Millionaire.

Many interviewed think that 3D is a fad: This film was three years after Avatar. Many questioned knew that the 3D fad was just that, a fad.

Hopefully, you’ll check out this film.

Hope you enjoy.

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