Passive Income needs massive action (truth)

Passive income is anything but passive.

Found that out for myself recently.

What happened?

So I wrote a post, a review of The Best Way to Say It by Joshua Lisec.

Then tweeted out a link to it before going to bed.

I woke up to find the tweet had gone big, and I had made a few sales.

This is as close as I have come to making bank off the basis of a tweet.

In short, I made my rent in my sleep.

This is what the online gurus call passive income.

Now that I have experienced a windfall through passive income, let me set the record straight.

Passive income is anything but passive.

Passive income needs you to take action.

Understand, by the time you do all the work you’ll laugh at those calling it passive income.

What I’m trying to tell you is this, when you look into a passive income, you need to take so much action.

Let me break it down for you.

How I made a passive income

First of all, I had to buy the course The Best Way To Say It. The best way to say it was $99.

Then I needed to study the course. The course is 8 hours approx. I needed to watch it through twice. So there you go, already that’s 16 hours.

Then I had to get the affiliate link from Joshua Lisec.

After that, I had to write the blog post, promoting the product. At over 1000 words, it took me an hour. Then there was editing which was another hour on top.

Do you see where this is going?

I had to have a blog set up and post to it regularly. Do you think I could receit any old nonsense? I had to have a certain level of proficiency in writing. I have been working on my blog for 3 years, over 400 posts. People need to know I’m more than some online avi.

There’s more I needed to do.

I also needed a Twitter account to tweet out my article. I also need followers so I had to build that up over the years.

Now what made this blow up was a retweet from Scott Adams. Now the reason Scott saw the tweet because we’re mutual followers. We had interacted on twitter many times before he followed me back in 2016. I also had to retain him as a follower. How long did all this take? It has probably been literal days of my life as in 24 hours upon 24 hours.

I’m telling you this because I want to make it clear to you. I want you to have a clear idea of the money and time it takes to get that “passive income”.

I’m thankful to Joshua and Scott for their help. It was a rush seeing emails in my inbox saying “You helped Joshua make a sale”. I was walking on a cloud all weekend.

The reason I’m telling you this is that the phrase “passive income” sounds attractive. Believe me when I say it’s anything but.


You can have days where you make money, but they are the exception more than a rule.

If you want to make a passive income, you are going to have to take action.

Check out this post again. It’s decent. 

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