Most Popular post of 2018

Here is the most popular post of 2018.Most popular posts 2018 has been active for a few years. 2018 has been the first year of proper effort.

This year I’ve had over 10k views to the domain. To be honest, while I could have done more to pust I’m happy with the results. The improvement that my writing has seen is noticeable. Who knows where it will be this time next year. I’m excited and hope that you are too.

Most popular post 2018: Affirmations

There was no contest for this post. It was the most popular by far. It helped that it was on a non-controversial subject and dealt with positivity.

Affirmations have helped me out this year. Whether they work or not is up for debate. Affirmations have kept me focused. They have helped keep me grounded and focus on taking tasks on one bit at a time.

If you are sceptical about affirmations I would advise that you try them out for maybe a month or two and see how you get on. It will take you no time at all. You’ll probably think to yourself, what the hell is the point in all this.

Suspend your scepticism and give it a go. The results will surprise you.

A retweet from Scott Adams also helped. If you’re reading this Scott, thank you.

Affirmations and the action you can take now

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