Mini-Update: Good Month

Hi just thought I’d give a mini-update. This month has been good for the site. I’ve already passed the visitor count of May, so that makes me happy.

I don’t know who you are but thank you for coming to the site and taking the time to read my words.

Changing the days

I’m changing the days that I upload.

It used to be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday but I’m changing my posting each one a day across. From now on I’ll be posting on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Even though I’ve been keeping to it what has been happening is that I finish it the next day then alter the upload time. Due to my schedule, it suits better to move the post day.

Looking back

I’ve written fifty posts averaging around 1k words per post. In the grand scheme of things that isn’t much but I’m glad that I’ve committed to regular posting. I’m enjoying the writing and having people read the work.

I’m going to be spending my time between writing new content and going over older posts and improving them.

You may not notice but either I’m becoming more confident in what I am writing, or my writing is improving.

People responded to my 5 things about bombing blog.

The success of that blog has shown me that way forward will be getting more personal with you.

That’s scary, but I am looking forward to doing that on some level. I don’t get embarrassed often.

I’m always surprised whenever I divulge a secret because someone approaches me and says “I had that too”. You never know how many people are going through what you are going through, sometimes saying that you are is half the journey.

Revealing private aspects of yourself, making yourself vulnerable is a good way to develop strength. You don’t need to strengthen your strengths; you need to strengthen your weaknesses.

Another aspect that I’ve touched on elsewhere is the importance of offence and causing it. If you read something that offends you on this site, good that’s the point. I hope we can offend each other together as we go on.

I’ll write about the importance of offence at a late date.

Next week I’m writing about meditation, gratitude and the power of affirmations.

See you back here on Tuesday.

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