Matt Hancock will probably be forgiven (I know)

Matt Hancock is seeking forgiveness. By chowing down on bulls testicles and wading through cockroaches it feels like the Great British public are going to forgive him.

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I know it’s not my place to say but it just feels wrong. When it comes to people in the public eye we can have a change of heart. Someone shows a bit of humility and we say “Oh they’re not that bad”.

In most cases I would agree but with Matt Hancock it feels different. Here is a guy who played a big part in keeping us locked down for two years and destroying the economy.

One phrase that I hate is “They never did anything to me” by that metric then Stalin did nothing to you, Genghis Khan did nothing to you. It’s a expression used by people who can’t think of a reason to not condemn someone. Here’s the thing, in the case of Matt Hancock, if you live in the UK, he did do something to you.

Now he’s in the jungle. He’s taking part in I’m a celeb and somehow he does not seem like the most hated man. Is Chris Moyles a bit of a prick? Yes, he’s always been a bit of a prick. Even at the height of his fame. Chris Moyles seems like a bit of a prick. One thing I will say in favour of Chris Moyles, he did not lock me up in my home for two years.

Matt Hancock ‘s half hour

The thing is with Matt Hancock he is on the TV telling people he did not know what to do asking them how would they have acted. Here’s my problem with that, he did not think it was that serious. How do I know? It did not stop him having an affair with his aide. The affair itself I could not care less about. It’s that we were told meeting people, leaving the house was one of the worst things that we could do. People were fined. These people, people like Matt Hancock did not take it serious themselves. One rule for me, one for thee.

Another reason

Here’s another reason Matt Hancock will be forgiven. The people he’s in with are going to make him look good. The fellow celebrities he’s in with, are the worst. Without knowing who all of them are, without doing any research I’m going to make a big guess. The fellow celebs he’s sharing the jungle with I guarentee they were all pro-vaccine all pro-lockdown. They’re not pissed that he took away freedom, no they’re pissed that he did it and got away with it.

There’s something wrong about the whole thing. Matt Hancock will go through ritual humiliation and in the eyes of the public, redeemed. Don’t feel too sad for him, he’s getting a massive pay day from the whole thing too. It all feels a bit off. Like bull testicle, the whole thing leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

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