Marc Maron at the Comedy Store (plus others)

The Comedy Store is a Mecca for fans of stand-up. I was in LA visiting my best friend. He got tickets and we went along to see a show, he brought one of his friends too. There were several acts on the bill. To be honest I hadn’t really heard of any of them with the exception of one. That one being Marc Maron.

The Comedy Store, Marc Maron

The Comedy Store

Now, am I a comedy expert? No. I do know what I like. I’m a big Norm MacDonald fan. There was a period were I had his album; Me Doing Stand Up on repeat. It was sad to hear of his demise, I didn’t even know he was sick. We were told it was colon cancer but you know what I think he was murdered by… you guessed it, Frank Stallonne.

First Acts

You know what, all the acts were good. The lady who showed us to our seats was first on. The Comedy Store seems to let employees have a shot at performing which is a cool touch. The stand up did great. I’m not sure how long she had been performing but she already had a clear persona. There was also a cool thing going on where the act would have to introduce the next act.

The guy up after her was grand. His material centered around dating and touring. It was OK.

After him came Dom Irrera. Oh my goodness he was hilarious. The man just did not give a fuck. He was old, his eyes didn’t seem to open and it looked like he may have had some form of Parkinsons, maybe. He was great looking at a gorgeous woman in the front row he announced; “Look at you, I could never have you”. I\m not doing him justice but sometimes the oldies are the best.

The Next couple

Then there was a guy who wrote for Kevin Hart. He was good. Much of his material was about being rich. When he slobbered about his kids it got better. After that was Marc Maron who I am going to come back to.

After Maron there was a cast member from SNL and she was woeful. It felt like she wanted to show off what a good singer she was but there were no jokes in the set. Again there was all this clutter about her Instagram fans and how she doesn’t want to go back to SNL. It felt a little too first world problems for my liking.

After that was a woman who looked and sounded like Scarlet Johanson. She was so filthy it was hysterical. I cannot remember her name (Annie Lederman) but her closer referenced her squirting and Justin Trudeau in blackface. She was great.


Finishing up the night was Jessica Michelle Singleton. At times she felt like the reincarnation of Sam Kinison. Usually the shouting and screaming puts me off but she did it so good. Her stuff was relatable and I like that she did characters.

Right, lets circle back to Marc Maron.

Marc Maron

It felt like Marc Maron was having a rough time.

When Maron took to the stage there seemed to be this angry manic energy. The set did not feel like it was for our benefit, if anything it felt like Maron was getting things off his chest.

Maron covered a couple of topics one bit was called Voices from the future where he does snippets of dialogue. To be honest I did not get it. Here’s the thing, Maron was neither the best or the worst that evening but he was for sure the most interesting and that’s because he seemed to be revealing much of himself.

Marc Maron appeared to have one main bone of contention. The target of his ire what he termed the “new stupid”. It felt like he had a particular target in mind.

The new stupid

How did Marc Maron characterise the new stupid? The new stupid get their information from podcasts. People who want sources. If you don’t immediatley fall in line Marc Maron might consider you one of the new stupid. At one point Marc Maron lamented how at one point you could say to someone “You really are stupid aren’t you?” “Yeah, but I’m working on that”

The new stupid are people who are skeptical of medical experts with no regard for how many times they change the science.

Maron talked about how instead of getting vaccinated like compliant plebs the new stupid instead opt to “fuck elk heart fleshlights”.

It was interesting to hear his take on the new stupid.

Sins of the father

Marc Maron moved onto talking about his father. Maron’s father has dementia He told us not to like him or feel sorry for him. While at a Chinese restaouaunt Maron told a story about how he watched his dementia addled father eat soy sauce like soup before getting him to stop. It wasn’t the funniest bit i’ve heard but it was intriging.


In an unrelated note after our show Joe Rogan was performing at the comedy store. On the marquee in big letters it read “Welcome home Joe!”. He was getting a heroes welcome. I asked my friend how was Joe able to perform as LA has strict vaccine mandates and last time I checked Mr Rogan is yet to be vaccinated. My friend said that he wasn’t sure.

Homer and Grimes

When the show ended my friend, his friend and I were making our way towards the exit. As we walked out into the LA night my mind drifted towards the episode of The Simpsons with Frank Grimes.

Poor Frank Grimes had a hard lot in life, he comes to Springfield and meets his contemporary, Homer Simpson. Frank takes an instant dislike to Homer. Frank Grimes views Homer as a idiot who fails upwards with what looks like next to no effort. You sympathise with someone like Frank Grimes. He had a couple of tough breaks but he pulled through it and was successful in his own right.

The episode ends with Frank electrocuting himself and dying. It’s funny but at the same time it’s sad. The thing is Frank had achieved so much and had much to be thankful for. Grimes ruined it because he was unable to stop focusing on Homer. That was what led to his downfall. Maybe if Frank focused on what he had instead of the little bit more that the other guy had. Comparison is the thief of joy. Time is the ultimate equaliser.

To be like Marc Maron

Like it’s tempting to be like Maron. The whole thing could be an act but his whole set felt like more of a therapy session than anything else. If he is feeling like that then I hope he kind of snaps out of it. Maron had the biggest podcast in the world, he had a sitting president come on. He had a role in Joker. I know they are all just things, transient, temporal things at that.

Also I’m aware that he lost someone who he loved. I don’t feel sorry for Marc Maron, that’s more than a little patronising but I do feel a little sad for him. Who knows maybe that was his aim and he just did one of the best stand up sets and I’m one of the new stupid he rails against. Maybe. But I’m aware I’m stupid so I think that makes me old stupid.

Either way, be grateful for you have. For no matter how much we have it will all be taken away from us all the same. It’s important to balance the sweet with the bitter for too much of one makes dullards of us all.


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