M3gan – Digital Child’s Play

M3gan was decent.

It is in essence Child’s Play only instead of demon possession it’s now a precocious AI that doesn’t like being turned off.

I was not expecting to laugh so much. Everything that is set up in the first half is paid off in the second.

It was more of a jumpy thriller than suspenseful. The kills were tame but respect to the filmmakers when it came to who got killed.

There are musical moments that come out of left field and you know what? I found them refreshing. Titanium never sounded this threatening.

I thought this would be a film about dealing with loss, survivors guilt how we struggle to communicate with those we love. Instead it’s more of a satire about screen time and helicopter parenting. I would have liked it more if they dealt with the tragedy that sets the events of the story in motion but I’m probably wrong, people want a film about a doll that stabs people and Megan delivers in that regard.

The girl at the centre of the film is the one who makes the final choice of the film which makes her the defacto hero, I wish in that case they told the film from her perspective. Instead we get it from the woman’s perspective but the tech talk didn’t interest me as much.

The guy who played the boss wasn’t a great actor and Alison Williams was OK but it felt like the film needed someone to go big with the emotions since the little girl is emotionally numb and the robot is… a robot.

This is the kind of film that I like the concept of and want to see a sequel. Now we know what the robot can do I want to see what they can do with the concept.

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