Kavanagh and Kanye: Kavanye?

Kavanagh and Kanye have been in the news recently.

Kavanagh and Kanye are in the news right before the midterms, and it got me wondering.

Have the Democrats royally fucked themselves?

If you read my previous post. The one about the Battle of the Sexes 2.0 I mentioned about how Democrats are becoming the women’s party.

Let me mention again, not saying this is a bad thing I’m just wondering how that will shape up for them in the long run.

The Kavanagh affair has sub-communicated to American men that at any point you can be accused.

You can be accused with no evidence, just eyewitness testimony.

Now there are a group of people who tend to suffer worse when it comes to false accusations. I’m talking about African American men.

This film used to about injustice. Now it’s about justice

Here is a link to a report from the University of Michigan.

In it is says that African American men are more likely to be wrongly convicted in sexual assault cases. Especially cases were it has relied on eyewitness testimony. Not only that but they’re more likely to stay locked up longer.

Please read

So let us imagine that you’re an African American male. I understand that some of you may find this easier than others.

On the one hand, you have the party that you are “supposed to side with”. They’re saying that if a white woman accuses a man of assault or rape without evidence, she will be believed. This party are sexist because they see women as incapable of lying. Anyone who has asked a woman has she eaten today knows full well that they are capable.

Here’s where Kanye comes in.

Kanye get much higher?

On the other hand, you have Kanye West saying that African Americans don’t have to vote Democrat. African Americans are free to think and vote however they please.

So in this scenario, as an African American man, what do you do?

Do you stay put in Egypt or do you follow Moses into the wilderness?

Your future in Egypt is set in stone. In the wilderness, anything can happen, but you’re free.

Now I’m not saying all African American men will switch their vote. I will say that the timing of Kavanaugh and Kanye is fascinating and it will have an effect in November.

That’s all I got to say about this, but I just want to talk about something that I noticed.

Are CNN’s African American pundits from Northern Ireland?

In Northern Ireland, you know that person who knows someone who knows someone who is famous.

“My cousin knew Liam Neeson when he went to University.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, said he was a prick.”

In Northern Ireland, you can do well, but you can’t do too well. If you rise to the top, we only love you when you fall from grace, ie George Best and the Titanic.

If you’re from Northern Ireland, you can be good at something but heaven help you if you acknowledge your skill.

“You’re funny Kieran.”

“I’ve always thought myself above average when it comes to humour.”

“Jesus, listen to the ego on you, get off yer high horse”.

This popped into my head when I saw some of the coverage on CNN of Kanye West meeting Trump.

You had several African American pundits saying that Kanye is a “token negro”. They said Kanye should stick to his day job. According to CNN he’s not going to make a difference. You know, kind of how they said that Trump should stick to being a real estate mogul.

You then see Don Lemon referring to him as, and I am quoting Don here, “Minstrel show”.

I feel uncomfortable linking to what Donald Lemon said.

This is such a Northern Irish reaction.

“Here Northern Ireland is a bit shit.”

“It is, let’s try and improve it.”

“Oh my God, who do you think you are, what gives you the right to change our beautiful culture?”

Look I’m not saying that Northern Ireland and CNN’s African American pundits don’t want things to get better. I do have an expression for my fellow country people and CNN pundits in general.

“If the people of Northern Ireland were happy they’d be miserable.” – Kieran Majury

You and I are living in the Golden Age.

Kanye is leading the way.

Let Scott Adams explain.

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