Kanye’s tweets are making you lose your mind.

Kanye’s tweets are making people mad.

You’re sure that Donald Trump is a racist.

You’re sure that Kanye West doesn’t like racists.

But Kanye West likes Trump so what does that mean?

Kanye sent out this tweet:

Kanye West has opened the door to a new way of thinking for a whole section of Americans and the rest of the world.

Kanye has shown us that you can forge your path.

I’m excited.

Full Disclosure

I love Kanye West. Even before I knew I was a fan of him, I loved Stronger, Gold Digger and Flashing Lights.
Then I bought My Twisted Dark Beautiful Nightmare.  It was a game changer, it is one of the greatest albums of this generation. I gained a new respect for him and think that he may be a genius.
Read the following knowing that you’re reading the opinion of a person who believes Kanye can do no wrong.

Ideas over Identity

Have you ever been told not to give attention to an opponent? Not even to question their views but to not even engage in discussion in the first place?

How are you supposed to change someone’s mind if you aren’t allowed speak to them?
Kanye West is a high profile entertainer who has gone against the grain. He has rejected the idea that African Americans are expected to vote Democrat.
Now other voices are starting to speak up.
Kanye is helping bring an end to the tribalism in American politics. Kanye is starting conversations.

You probably think that I think that this is a win for “the other side”. I don’t, Kanye wearing the MAGA hat isn’t him becoming a Republican. Kanye in the hat is a move away from the real cancer that is identity politics and victim mentality.

Kanye’s tweets may be aimed primarily at the African American community, but his message is for everyone.

You’re not a victim.

Once you stop viewing yourself a victim and assume responsibility for your life, you are in a better position to control your destiny.
You could have had something bad happen to you in the past and I’m sorry to hear that but how does that help you now. How does letting the worst moment of your life define you help you now?
Kanye has never been about victim mentality. It has always been about making your own way in the world and not compromising your vision. That’s why he loves how Candace Owens thinks. Candace has a similar outlook to Kanye.
Kanye’s outlook is neither Democrat or Republican, it’s an individualist. Kanye could be the start of independents gaining momentum in the political system. No longer will America be a two-party system.
I’ve seen a few tweets from non-Democrats saying Kanye has left the “thought plantation”. This language is disrespectful to people who are still Democrats. Those who do not think the same as you are not slaves and using that imagery to score points is unpersuasive. That language will hurt your cause because it is rooted in the past.
Kanye’s tweets are helping us look past this.


Turn on the news right now; you would think that the world is falling apart. It isn’t. You and I are living in the greatest period, the beginning of a new golden age. Unless you’re a journalist. You hear about how automation is going to destroy many jobs. World peace is another nail in the coffin of big news corporations.
The media used to love Kanye whether it was “Bush doesn’t care about black people“, or interrupting Taylor Swift. The media used to love Kanye because he was a clown who didn’t rock the boat too much.
By not vilifying Republicans the predominantly Democrat media will become fearful of Kanye. Out of that fear they are going to start attacking him.
Kanye is bringing a message of unity and love. Kanye’s tweets are doing something special. The mainstream media don’t like that because they thrive on turmoil, strife and conflict. A message of unity is the last thing they want.

Kanye’s tweet help yourself

How can Kanye help you? Read this tweet:

Brief interlude

Brief story, during this gig, right at the end I thought it would be hilarious to bring one of the kids that were standing at the side onto the stage. It didn’t go well; the kid freaked out started crying, hitting me and ran off stage. Rightly so. I was pretty scundered by my stupidity. Don’t know why I did it, thought it would be funny, it wasn’t.
For weeks after I kept running into this guy from another band. Every time he would greet me with “Lift any children lately?” Here’s the thing, the guy had every right to slag me, and he should have. If it were the other way round, I would be getting tore into him. Couldn’t bring myself to laugh because I was still embarrassed by the event. I was allowing this guy to put me in the past. I was letting this guy to control me.
Think back to the worst thing you have done. If it is something traumatic, don’t dwell on it for too long. Those feelings, they have power over you. That’s how others will try and control you. Mentally transporting you to your lowest moment gives them an advantage.
Here’s a secret, the past doesn’t exist. It was a physical event that happened that only happens mentally in your memory. Your memories are unreliable and probably false. If you misremember your actions then, did they happen? If you stop remembering has the event occurred? Your past does not bind you.
People who bring up your lowest moment are trying to control you. Don’t let them. You can do that by either denying it was you like big Gerry has done, ask them to stop or cut them out entirely. If all they do is bring up your low points, they aren’t your friend.
Kanye’s tweets remind you that a better world is coming.
That guy from another band, did you know the name of his group? No, me neither because they were probably fucking shite. Put it this way if his band were any decent I’d remember.

Martin McGuiness

Martin McGuiness could have let his past define him. If he didn’t personally murder people, he at least ordered some people dead.
That could have been him, he could have let other people use his past to define him, but he didn’t. Instead, he became one of the architects of the peace in Northern Ireland.
The lads at the centre of the rugby rape hoax should look to Martin for inspiration. They can come from their ordeal and realise that they can still contribute to the world. In the eyes of some they will always be the falsely accused but as I have said before, the past doesn’t define you.

Do you think he’s not going to be president?

Remember how Brexit was never going to happen?
How many times the media reassured you that Trump had no path to victory?
Remember all the times that the media lied to you? Lulling you into a false sense of security and then one morning you wake up and are told the sky is falling.
I want you to remember that because when he runs, they are going to tell you that he has no chance.
Look at Kanye:
  • Not the best in his professional field
  • Has failed many times
  • Takes risks (Heartbreaks & 808s)
  • Taken on jobs outside his area of expertise (fashion)
  • Creates his own publicity through controversy
  • Doesn’t apologize
  • Everyone thinks he’s an idiot
Does that remind you of anyone?
Kanye’s tweets won’t make him president.
You don’t want to read this, but Martin Luther King’s dream just took a step closer to becoming a reality.

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