Kanye West Joe Rogan Interview: Take Aways (Must listen)

Kanye West Joe Rogan Take-Aways

The Kanye West Joe Rogan interview is one of the best things I have listened to in a long time.

If you are still to listen to it, why not?

Here’s a link to the podcast.

Still undecided?

Here are some of the takeaways.

Kanye West Joe Rogan

Kanye is creating a symphony as he talks.

This might seem a bit pretentious. You know what, it is, and I think this may be the main reason why this has turned off half the audience. This is part of what I love about Kanye. He is not afraid to be himself and split the audience. I love Kanye but some of his work, not for me. For example, I’m not a big fan of The Life Of Pablo. When you read, people are saying they were unable to get through the first ten minutes, I understand.

Kanye talks about how he talks in “a symphony” as in he is thinking as he talks. You get to hear how he breaks down his thought processes. He may go off in a tangent. Sometimes it feels abstract, sometimes like he has completely forgotten about the question. It feels like he takes in every angle and approaches an issue from all sides. If you want a direct answer, it will probably drive you nuts. I feel it shows that he considers each aspect before coming to a decision.

Kanye understands how the physical affects the mental.

Kanye is designing houses. The talk gets deep on how Kanye works with designers. At one point he alludes to Temple Grandin. Temple Grandin was an autistic woman. She saw herself as an animal and took that view of herself to help design abattoirs. She came up with curved corridors so the livestock wouldn’t pile up.

Kanye talks about how he understands your physical space affects your mental state.

A bit about me, I have spent the last three weeks cooped up in a bedroom in a flat. At times I have felt like a dog in a kennel. It has definitely made me more on edge and put a strain on my relationships. I have definitely been depressed.

Today as I type this blog, I have treated myself to go to a large cafe—lots of natural light, ample space and high ceilings. I can feel myself feeling so much better.

If you think that your mental space has no outside influences, you want to, I say this with love, get out of the house.

Kanye thought Bernie would have won.

Again, this is good because it goes to show that Kanye is human like the rest of us. Prone to errors in judgments like the rest of us.

Kanye believes that he is a conduit for God.

This is interesting as you probably associate Kanye with having a huge ego. Kanye views his creation as God acting through him.

The reason this struck a chord with me is that I’m fascinated with the subconscious and the role it plays in our lives. I believe that our subconscious can help guide us through life. All we have to do is let go and give our trust over to the subconscious.

Now I understand if you baulk at this. It’s a bit out there. Whatever you want to call it, “God” “Subconscious” “Infinite Intelligence”. Something is talking to us from within us that wants to help us.

In case you think this is just Kanye and I talking nonsense let me point you to Robert Louis Stevenson. He’s author of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and other classics. When he was low on funds, Stevenson would go to bed. Before sleep, Stevenson would ask his subconscious or “brownies” for a thrilling plot. A plot that would grip readers and fill up his bank balance.

If you are struggling, consider giving yourself up to a greater intelligence.

Your ego is a tool, know when to put it back in the box.

Be careful what you wish for

Kanye talks about how he had “smart alec prayers”. An example of one was “God deliver me from pain”. After a moment Kanye says “And then He took my mom. So it’s hard to hurt that much ever again,” It’s a poignant moment in the podcast. Kanye has this deep love for his mother and misses her. The experience seems to have humbled him or at least stopped him from praying “smart alec prayers”. It’s a reminder to us all to be careful what we ask for as you will get it, be sure what you are asking for.

Kanye loves the Star Wars prequels.

“You’re going to see me get mad,” Kanye says during one of his many many non-sequiturs. “The prequels are better than the Disney Star Wars,”.

Kanye is talking about how people are afraid to innovate. To paraphrase Kanye, the prequels were George Lucas’ vision, they were pure. While I’m no prequel apologist, Kanye is right. The Disney Star Wars are utter, utter soulless trash. It’s cool to hear Kanye talk about how he loves Revenge of the Sith.

Kanye always has come across as cineliterate. I love film, I love Kanye, so it’s cool to hear him riff on what he likes and what informs his tastes.

Joe Rogan is an excellent interviewer.

Kanye West talks for the majority of the three hours. At times it feels like an experimental monologue. Kanye is allowed to express himself uninterrupted. Credit must be given to Joe Rogan. Few interviewers can do what he does; listen.

I don’t think I could be quiet like Rogan during that. I would be too tempted to show that I know what he was talking about or trying to sound intelligent. In other words, even a nobody like me would struggle to sit and shut up. Rogan must have so much control on his ego to facilitate a talker like Kanye. That is such a skill. Major respect to Joe Rogan

It becomes clear that even Kanye isn’t used to being listened too as much as he is here. There are points in the podcast where Kanye feels self-conscious and trails off.

There’s a reason that Joe Rogan is as popular as he is, it’s not some fluke.


The Kanye West Joe Rogan interview was more entertaining than any three-hour movie. I’m still processing some of what was said. I’m going to give it a relisten.

If you are still to hear it, do so now.

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