Journal Entry 001: May 3rd 2020 – A few thoughts

Hi. Hope you are well. Here is journal entry (001) 03-05-2020.

Journal Entry 001

At the moment I am writing a script. All my focus is on it at the moment. So I don’t have anything to share at the moment. I am, however journaling my experience. I’m going to share some of it as an experiment. I don’t know how interesting you’ll find this. I want to keep posting so you don’t think I’m skiving (I am skiving a little). So here’s a journal entry. It’s been tidied up and expanded upon, and I’ve removed any sensitive information.

Enjoy and stay safe.

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Journal Entry 001: May 3rd 2020

Today, I beat the alarm clock and felt like a king.

Immediately I began working on a clients email.

I worked on my script project too.

I’m definitely in the “things go to plan” section. Not of the script but of the writing of the script if that makes sense.

The writing, for now, is easy.

It’s a good sign when I hit my daily word count quota. But it’s even better when I keep on going. I wanted to write more.

In the end, I wrote more than 4000 words today. Again, without much of a struggle.

It feels like there is a part of me that is mitigating for the upcoming midpoint lull.

Once I hit the midpoint of the actual script, it’s going to grind to a halt.

I love this feeling. The feeling of wanting to work. The feeling you get when you are excited about something. I know it’s silly but still.

It feels as if I’ll have to plan big projects back to back.

If I don’t I will slide back into laziness. Trying to get around work instead of confronting it head-on.

The question is, what am I going to do next?

I could do yet another draft of A Theist. Start it from scratch. The title needs changing. I felt so smart when I came up with it now it grates.

From fresh start to the first draft. It would take around 32 hours.

It could be something to check out. But I don’t know how interested I am in it anymore.

Workout some more blogs too. The Ghostbusters one will still need to be done, in fact it needs to be planned out altogether. Don’t forget you need to write the Lulu post. Do I like the album or am I just deliberately being contrarian again. At this point, I don’t know.

“Kieran the majority of us love this,”

“Then I shall hate it,”

“You don’t know what it is,”

“I hate it,”

Maybe work out how long I take to write Bad Guys. Use that as my basis. Play is half as long as a script. I can definitely publish Write You’re Play in 32 hours. What is that, seven times four-hour shifts? Would it take you a week?

What are the plays that I want to do? There’s:

  • Cu
  • A Theist
  • The corrupt cop thing
  • Thought Processes
  • The Brolliers,
  • Changing Room.
  • They Walk Among Us

Plays only need to be 10,000 words. It’s funny how, as you write, other ideas come sooner than later.

In film studies, they never really told us how to watch a film. I never really knew what to look for when watching a movie.

They would screen the film and say, “That was a film,”. We’d say, “Yes, it was”. Lecturers never really explained what was good, or what wasn’t. They never distinguished what made something good or bad. None of the lecturers ever justified their choice of movie.

It felt like an excuse on their part to screen Birth of a Nation. Even by the standards of its day, it was not a good film on a technical level, never mind the subject matter. Even the name of the film was wrong. It wasn’t a birth. America had been born twice. By the original indigenous and then when ol’ whitey came over. The lecturers only screened it to titillate. “Look at how racist this is,” I don’t need to spend three hours to find out that people 100 years ago were not “right on”.

Film studies was a waste of time.

University was a waste of time.

If there is any justice, this virus will expose just how rotten the core of universities are. What is it? They lure you in with the promise of sex and a good time. You can learn how to get into massive debts. If brothels made you pose for a picture of you in a mortarboard and then gouged you for £73 for the privilege? You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

The fig tree that bears no fruit.


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Journal Entry 001: May 3rd 2020

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