I’m working here (New free short story)

Here is a little short story I wrote this morning; I’m working here. I was never too sure where this one was going but as I was rewriting it came together a little more in my head. Hope you enjoy I’m working here.

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I’m working here

Im working here

I’m working here, Evangeline thought to herself. There were, of course, noises and distractions coming from every angle. Evangeline ignored at all. There was always something attempting to distract her, but Evangeline ignored it all. She could feel her focus and by extension, her life rushing away from her. The speed at which it ran appeared to be increasing.

Evangeline walked along the street towards her job at the office. The office was in the middle of the city, and her job was tedious. Not even Evangeline knew the correct title of her job. The one advantage that the job offered was that it was open almost all the time.

If she headed in early enough, she could do her work and spend the afternoon on her own projects.

Evangeline got off the bus. The streets, even though it was early, was already mounting an assault on her senses. She wished it would all go away. She wished it would all just shut up. Evangeline knew in her heart that she was quite a negative person. The negativity would always threaten to bubble to the surface. She tried her best to keep a lid on the negativity.

Evangeline stepped into the min-mart on the corner right before the office. Evangeline picked up her usual sandwich crisps and coffee. Making lunch at home would save her money, but what was she saving for exactly, she didn’t know.

One of the main reasons Evangeline liked the corner store was because of the coffee machine. Pop the cup under the spout and press the button. The machine used fresh beans. It was refrigerated too so they could use actual milk. Evangeline thought that it was just as good as the real thing. The coffee would never be exceptional. Evangeline preferred something always average was preferable to something randomly wonderful or awful. Evangeline liked it, besides it was only coffee. When the machine had finished pouring her cappuccino, she picked up the cup and took a sip.

As Evangeline roamed the aisles picking up other items she thought about Richards. Richards was one of her co-workers. He had gone on some kind of coffee tasters course. Richards told Evangeline she was enjoying coffee wrong. He came over for a taste test, she had the last laugh with him. Evangeline enjoyed her coffee just fine. At least she could still drink coffee. Evangeline felt that for some, the fancy coffees were an excuse to drink sugar and milk. Evangeline enjoyed the bitterness of coffee although she didn’t know why.

The lady at the counter scanned Evangeline’s items through. The lady at the counter gave Evangeline a look.

“Are you not?” the woman said, trailing off.

“No, whatever it is, I am not,” Evangeline said. Evangeline wished the woman a good day and left the store.


Evangeline entered her building, scanned her fob at the gate and walked on through. She could feel the security guard give her an odd look then immediately reach for the phone.

Evangeline rode the lift up to her floor. She was the first one there, peace for a while at least. She would get some work done before the distractions would arrive.

Evangeline looked through her papers from yesterday and sorted through them. Evangeline knew she could get most of her work finished by lunch. Despite distractions, she would spend the rest of the day working on her own project.

She liked to write things out long. She did it so as not to get into trouble with the higher-ups. Out of sight, out of mind, that was their philosophy, and it was also her philosophy. It was not Richards.

Evangeline’s project was a children’s book. It was about a girl who needed peace and quiet to get her work done. If the girl did not get the peace and quiet, she would unleash a monster out of the cellar.

Evangeline kept the project hidden from co-workers. Why, because she knew it would confuse them. Why would someone with no children want to write a children’s book, they would ask.


The door opened. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted, Evangeline thought to herself. Germaine entered the office and walked straight over to Evangeline.

“Hey Evangeline, what are you doing here?” Germaine asked.

“I’m trying to get some work done,” Evangeline said, not looking up at her.

“You heard about Richards?”

“What is there to hear?” said Evangeline.

“The police are down in the foyer as I came in,” Germain said. Evangeline did not respond. “They’ve been looking for you,”

“I have been away trying to minimise distractions and get on with work,”

“They’re on their way up here,” Germaine said.

Evangeline ignored her and continued to work. Germaine backed off then went to her own desk.

The door to the office opened again. Evangeline heard two sets of heavy footsteps coming her way. Then there was a deep but gentle voice.

“Miss DuPrais? We’d like to ask you a few questions.”

Evangeline looked up from her desk at two middle-aged men wearing big thick coats over old worn shirts. Evangeline addressed the two men.

“I’m working here.”


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