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What follows is a random selection of my ideas. As you can see, they range from the terrible to the rip-offs.

The point of this is to give you an idea of how I come up with ideas.

Remember to not discriminate when it comes to ideas.

You can use any of these ideas if you want, they’re up for grabs.

ideas sample



Michel Gondry meets the Hoobastank vid meets Evil Dead meets ghostbusters. Set within the final act of ghostbusters. Possessions are occurring. The mayor’s office is under siege. Everyone is running out of ideas, they have to summon the beast that rises from the river.

Milita man/The vigilant:

A man’s family is wiped out in a gangland hit. The police do nothing, he starts his own militia who keep the community safe. Over time they become gangsters of sorts. Could be combined with a superhero film.


It starts out as a Scream style film with stabbings that occur in a town. But then the craziness spreads through the water supply. Everyone except the party girl who doesn’t bother with water, only whisky.

Zombie forest:

A couple living out in the forest are coming to the end of their relationship. She gets bitten, and another traveller shows up. All the while, the zombies figure out where they are. 80 minutes tops. Ends with a zombie attack. It could be that he leads them away at the end. There is a gun, suicide and a picnic.

Civil Servant:

A lowly civil servant uses sexual harassment to get to the top of the food chain.

The Inling:

A creature from outer space crashes in rural Ireland. He is taken in by the local Boo Radley type. It ends with the town folk coming to lynch him, the alien gives them all a psychic vision of his memory.

Medieval Dead:

A group of Normans have to protect the local tribe’s people from zombies. Stay holed up in a fort. They realise there is warlock raising the dead. They have to travel out and kill him to release the curse.

The House:

A group of GIs come across a chateau during ww2. They stay a while. They disappear inside their own heads. Reenacting period drams until the house is attacked.


A woman whose husband won’t open up suspects an affair confronts him. Turns out he is a Patrick Bateman style psycho killer, and he makes her complicit.

Enforcer/Mob cop:

A paramilitary man, who acts like a mob set police officer. He has to take down various members of the community. He has problems with the bosses son who continues to defy the rules, He then has to train the son.

Barbershop : (short film)

A woman loses her balloon, she goes to a cafe to have a weep. Across the road, a man catches sight of her. His head turns slightly. The barber straightens his head, he turns again to catch her eye, barber straightens it. Turns a final time, eyes meet his head locks, the barber can’t move it. He is smiling at the girl. The barber tries again then goes to a pub and gets the local strong man, he heaves and heaves, no good. The barber’s assistant loosens the man’s tie, and his head floats off like a balloon towards her. She is skipping down the street, she steps in something and looks down wet cement, she is stuck and almost lets him go. She loosens her head, the two float away together.

A hunting we will go:

A man goes to get back his wife off three hostage-takers. Three regular guys down on their luck. They take the boss’s son’s wife hostage in the hope they can get some money. They don’t realise that father and son are estranged, or maybe it’s mistaken identity.

Burn Range:

An orbital research space station gets struck by a meteor. Space firefighters come to the rescue. There is also some deadly disease on board that must be destroyed before it crashes into earth. Think Thunderbirds and Burning Rangers meet the Towering Inferno.


There is a private consultancy that deals in making snap decisions. They come into your life and are like “Quit your job” or “Break off the engagement,”. The hero works for the company but finds his own life torn apart.

Pack of Liars:

Friends meets Liar Liar. A wealthy friend bets them a mil they can’t tell the truth for a week

Aug cop:

An injured cop, only a torso remains gets augmented and let loose. He has cameras all over his body to allow for primitive cloaking. He can hack personal computers and CCTV. His wife still might be on the scene.


A film about after the film has been made. The crew are trying to get distribution sorted and get over the fact that no one likes each other. The actor takes credit for the script.

What everyone’s thinking:

There is a stand up who is so good because he is a psychic. He can hear what everyone is thinking. That is until fellow comedians set out to ruin him by thinking disgusting thoughts so that he says them.

Flame Retardent:

A man with human torch-like capabilities is co-opted to be the sole power source for a city. The fire causes third-degree burns but does not kill him, he is always in pain and needs constant surgery, skin grafts that sort of thing.

An angry man:

A man who is essentially the hulk keeps having to be told what he did. The government want to use him as a weapon. The only thing that can calm him is his mother.


A man realises that the spark goes out of a relationship after you have sex a certain amount of times. He tries to not have sex with the woman he loves.

Last Girl:

A horror film where the first half deals with 5 girls on a trip. They stumble upon some bad guys stash. Bad guys kill the four girls. Leaving the posh weakling. She turns out to be a badass. Turns Rambo and spends the rest of the film hunting them down. She disposes the bodies and returns to society. She has to explain herself.


A father calls his daughter’s home for the funeral of their mother and sister. Deciding that he cannot protect them from the horrors of the world, he will use his only son to kill them all. After one last game of hiding and seek then burn the house down—a combination of Nostalgia, Festen with Texas Chainsaw.

Kill Time:

A man’s terminally ill wife dies sooner than expected, and he becomes the chief suspect.

Weeping Wife:

A man is getting married to a joyful woman. He worries about the expression “laughing bride weeping wife”. So he sets out to make her sad so that the marriage goes well.

Hunters We:

There are spies. One of them realises that they are the bad guys. They kill the entire team except for their best friend. It becomes a game of cat and mouse that results in an emotional showdown.


A response to Ex Machina. A haunted house story with a sci-fi twist. A guy goes to a house to meet a Steve Jobs type. Steve wants the guy to test out the twins two AI that he has made. He has decided what he thinks of them. It goes on. It’s revealed that only one of them is an AI the other is human or maybe both are human. One of them gets killed. It is then revealed that the Steve Jobs is an AI and has killed the actual Steve Jobs. He wants to use AI to take control by flooding the country with bots who are undocumented. It turns out the hero is also an AI.


A couple breaks up. The guy realises his mistake writes her a letter saying that he’ll prove himself to her, so he takes a chastity vow. The only thing is that he still goes on dates. So he has to do dirty talk. He turns it into a business because he couldn’t afford to marry her.

A film where the alien is completely invisible, you never see it ever. The twist could be the hero is a rogue AI android (Aine?) who’s memory is glitching out, causing her to hallucinate.

Journo list:

A reporter looks into the murder of journalists. She becomes a target. In the end, it turns out that it’s the journalists doing each other in. She has to choose to reveal the truth or kill her lover to keep it quiet. A De Palma style thriller shot on phones with sex and gore. Has to have paranoia and hysteria.

Ghar’s Age:

A man who runs a car repair shop rents it out in the evening to a group of outsiders who have no place. Local people criticise him. Tensions ensue.

You don’t know Jack:

A young writer approaches Jack Nicholson with a script. In the hopes, this will be his last great film. The screenwriter brings his supportive girlfriend, but she doesn’t know much about the film. The girl realises that the screenwriter has brought her along as some kind of offering. Does she go through with it to seal the deal?

Rescue Centre:

A by the book part-time teacher is in charge of a rescue centre during a zombie outbreak. He realises that government and rule books are useless. Sticking to the rules gets everyone killed.

Would like to meet:

A woman leaves a man at the altar. He has to come to terms that he might be the wrong guy from a rom-com. 1:Dumped decides to get back out there 2:New love 3:Realises he’s the bad guy 4:Decides to keep going 5:Love at last? 3 chorus =him waking up in bed and smiling


We follow a couple. They spend an hour in bed going from laughter to sex to argument to breaking up to getting back together.

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