Hot Yoga Belfast: Bending your body will make you open your mind

Hot Yoga Belfast is a great facility. This post is me recommending you try it out.

Before we begin let me clear up a few things.

I’ve gone to Hot Yoga Belfast on several occasions and have found the experience beneficial.

Hot yoga belfast

My hope that is if I got some benefit out of Hot Yoga then maybe you’ll consider going at some point. If you’re in Belfast, you have to consider going.

I talked about Hot Yoga generally in another blog post so won’t repeat myself too much here, I hope.

Essentially, I’d never done hot yoga before but was curious to give it a try. Downloaded the app, booked a place and went to a class. I’ve found it beneficial, not so much for my body but more for my mental health.

Hot Yoga helps me unwind.

The instructors talk about “rinsing” yourself out, and that’s what it feels like. You’re squeezing out all the stress you’ve picked up over the week. You’re ringing yourself out like a cloth. You feel cleansed after.

You can read more about what I think about Hot Yoga in the other blog post linked above.

Instead, I want to point out a few aspects about Hot Yoga Belfast that make it such a unique and enjoyable experience.



Read on to find out more.

What makes Hot Yoga Belfast Special?

Having gone to Hot Yoga Belfast a couple of times now, there are subtle things that you pick up on. Subtle aspects that make the whole experience more enjoyable.

Inside the studio
I don’t have many great photos of inside but you get the idea.

The place is spacious:

Even though it’s in a basement, you don’t feel boxed in, even when you’re in the main studio there’s plenty of room for you to really stretch it out.

You can’t see too clearly:

The darkness of the hot yoga studio may take some adjustment. It’s more helpful than you realise. The darkness means that you can focus on yourself and lose any self-consciousness.

Everyone is focused on themselves, don’t worry if you’re not getting it just right. Make eye contact with yourself in the big mirror and breathe in. Speaking of breathing.

Hot Yoga Belfast
Me taking a photo of a dark room through a window from a well-lit room like the absolute genius I am.

Nasal breathing:

You’ve heard the term mouth breather? It’s not good if someone calls you that.

There are many benefits to breathing through your nose. Reducing stress to name one.

In Hot Yoga Belfast instructors remind you to breathe through your nose. You’re putting your body under pressure and focusing on your breath.

If you can master your breath under stress in Yoga, you can take the practice out of the studio into your daily life.

Master the breath master the body, master the body master the mind, master the mind master yourself, master yourself master the world.

Instructors guidance:

The instructors talk the whole time. You might find it distracting, you feel as if you’re sinking deeper into a trance-like state. This helps you go push your awareness further into yourself. You become mindful of yourself.

It also helps that the instructors have soothing voices. I don’t know if they’ve taken vocal lessons, but it makes such a difference to be spoken to by people with pleasant voices.

They know your name:

This might feel minor, but the instructors somehow seem to know everyone’s name, even new people. It makes you feel acknowledged, welcome and part of a group.

“I love you”:

This might be a bit much for some, but at the end of each class the instructor wishes you well and says “I love you”.

Now whether or not they mean it, doesn’t matter.

This might make me come across as a bit of a weirdo (accurate), but sometimes it’s lovely to hear.

Especially after a long day.

It also reminds me that I need to say “I love you” more often to the people in my life.

You’re not getting rushed out of the place:

At the end of each session, the instructors will let you rest for a few minutes.

You leave when you’re ready. You never feel like you’re being hounded out of the room.

Great Changing Facilities:

The changing rooms are fantastic because they afford you some privacy. Now I’m in my thirties so am in that in-between zone where I don’t want to broadcast my bits but at the same time I’m not ashamed of my body. The changing rooms at Hot Yoga Belfast offer the best of both worlds. The showers are also wonderful. They leave you feeling clean and refreshed, which is helpful after a sweaty session.

The showers are so satisfying

What are you waiting for?

You might be thinking that I’m some big smelly hippy. To be honest, you’re not far off. I’m more spiritually sceptical. What I mean is I’ll keep an open mind about other people’s beliefs. I’m not going to dismiss your ideas outright, but at the same time, don’t be expecting me to be signing over all my life savings for the cause (jokes on you, I’ve no money!).

What I’m trying to get across is while I’m enjoying Yoga there’s a part of me asking, is there science behind this or is it a big ol’ placebo? I’m not sure, and to be honest, I don’t care. What I know doesn’t matter.

As someone who is unsure, I’m telling you to give it a try at least once.

If you’re in Belfast, you should definitely try out Hot Yoga Belfast.

Hot Yoga Belfast

Hot Yoga Belfast is easy to book. They have an app on Android and iOS. You can find the app through their website: It has a gorgeous UI. It’s secure with your payment details too and you can sync up bookings with your diary.

Hot Yoga Belfast is situated just off the Lisburn Road behind the Camile Thai Restaraunt.

Arrive at least 15 minutes before class starts.

If it’s your first time there are 45 minutes classes welcome to all levels. Most of the classes welcome all levels but the 45 minutes is a good place to start.

When you get in, take off your shoes and socks and put them in a cubby hole.

Hot Yoga Belfast
It was a lovely day

If you haven’t done hot Yoga before here’s what you need to bring.

  • Loose clothing, gym gear, shorts t-shirt
  • Water bottle – in case you get a little light-headed
  • Long towel to put over the top of the yoga mat, hygiene is top priority
  • Change of clothes, don’t be bringing that stank home with you


Conclusion: Try Hot Yoga Belfast once

Hot Yoga is a place that I have enjoyed going to. While I understand that it might not be to everyone’s taste, consider trying it at least once.

It’s a beautiful space, and it’s great to see something like this become popular. I wish Hot Yoga Belfast all the best for the coming decade. It would be great to see more facilities like this spring up. I think Yoga, and in particular, Hot Yoga will become a necessary part of checking in with ourselves. Especially as we become more aware of the body and mind connection.

I hope you consider trying out Hot Yoga Belfast and maybe you’ll see me collapsed in a corner.

Have a great day.

I love you, namaste,



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