Consistent writing (the essential secret to great writing)

Consistent writing

Hi, thank you for reading. This post is about the importance of writing consistently. Part of what will help you write consistently is a daily writing habit.

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Being consistent is the most important quality you can have as a writer.

There you go, that’s it, you can stop reading now.

Still here?

Maybe the point bears repeating.

The most important aspect of writing is that you are consistent.

This applies to copywriting, creative writing, in fact, any kind of writing equally.

Now, here’s the thing, I know that I may not be the best writer, but I’m consistent. Well, to be honest, I’m way more consistent than I was.

If you were a betting person and you had a choice of putting your money on a gifted writer, or a consistent writer?

Put it all on the consistent writer. Gifted might not feel inspired, but consistent knows that there’s work to be done. You know that they’re just going to get on with the task at hand.

Ask yourself who wants to do a job when they’re not quite feeling it at the time?

That’s everyone, right?

That’s you and me.

There are times when you feel like rolling over in your bed and saying “Not today”.

That’s all of us, but we still do it, right?

Do you think the Amazon delivery driver says to the person at the fulfilment centre, “Hey, I’m not doing deliveries today, not quite feeling it chief,”. Do you think they would say that?

How would the boss react?

What about doctors?

Imagine the scene. It’s an operating room, they’ve prepped the patient, Old man Haver. They’ve wheeled him in, on a gurney, for his kidney transplant. The anaesthetist is standing ready. The nurses look expectantly at Doc Brown. Doc Brown has been pacing the room when suddenly he looks up to the gathered professionals.

“No surgery today,” he says. “I’m having some surgeons block at the minute,”

Society would break down if we were all reliant on being in the right frame of mind.

How come writing is treated differently?

Did you imbue writing with some kind of mystical property?

I know writing is mystical when you get down to it. You’re making shapes on a page in the hope of transporting people to other worlds. I understand writing is a form of spell casting and you are a warlock.

But all warlocks had to start somewhere.

How do you get to be a better word warlock?

By practising spell casting.

By being consistent.

Think about it, texters block doesn’t exist.

Next time you feel not in the mood or you are blocked up, try this;

Imagine yourself texting a good friend.

Be consistent.

Show up every day.

Even if you are reluctant.

You’ll realise you have no excuse.

Be consistent, and you will find as if by magic, you will become a better writer.


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